// anime headlines

  • Series: Rozen Maiden ~träumend~
    Airdate: 10/20
    Source: Offical Site
    Confirmed Return: Suigintou!! (*´Д`)ハァハァ

// random notes

  • Sorry about the recent lack of updates, but at the moment I’m still trying to get myself set for college, which starts on Sept. 27. But what makes things a little complicated than before is that I’ll be soon attending UCLA… so yeah, the feeling of attending a new school can always make a person feel a bit nervous and uncomfortable at first, but I’ll get over it, I hope. Orientation was last week and there I had the opportunity to meet up with a lot of cool people. I’m also hoping to attend the regular meetings over at the UCLA Anime Club. But with a heavy class schedule and stressful work days ahead, I’m not so sure it will happen… but I’ll try my best… Anyway, expect to see more regular updates soon. Maybe tomorrow or Thursday. See you then…
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