// internet findings

  • Moe Chat, in case you never heard of it, is a japanese real-time chatroom that allows you to talk to a wide selection of ‘moelicious’ characters. When entering, you’ll end up talking to whatever available seiyuu is inside, (yes this site is actually paying some actress to do this 24/7), plus some other lonely otakus who’ve also stumbled upon the room. However, an issue that comes up a lot is the case where you jump into a room and there’s a male actor voicing your moe character pick… Shocking at first, but funny nevertheless. The goal? Trying to find a seiyuu with a moe worthy voice of course. The price? Free registration is available for purely text based chat. However, prepare to throw down some quick cash for the real-time voice chat option. Any advice? Well if interested, try to go for the chatrooms with the most people inside. That way you know you’ll most likely end up with a female seiyuu instead of some of middle-aged hentai XP … [Sample Pic] (*Thanks to Edge for this item.)

// media updates

  • Radio Blog:

    > UNDER17 – “SHE.KNOW.BE”
    > UNDER17 – “Popotan Hatake de Tsukamae”
    > UNDER17 – “Love Slave”
    > UNDER17 – “Kujibiki Unblance”
    > UNDER17 – “Koko da yo”
    > UNDER17 – “Koi no Milyway”
    > UNDER17 – “Icchae! Poptan”

  • Promotional Videos:

    > Hirasawa Susumu – “Forces” [Berserk insert theme] – (*Not really a PV, but more like a live mini-concert performance).

    > The Penpals – “Tell Me Why” [Berserk OP]

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