• VAP has announced yet another Tenchi Muyo spin-off titled “Sasami Mahou Shoujo Club”. Here’s the site. 10 episodes have already been produced and the series is set to premiere January 2006. As the TM!R fanboy that I so proudly am, I will be watching this series, despite the very odd character designs. Besides, the original Pretty Sammy OVA was actually pretty entertaining (´ー`) .

    [Loose Translated Bios]

    She’s a teacher at the School which Sasami attends and is the advisor of the Cooking Club (which is in actuality the Magic Girls Club!). In reality she is the special representative of the Magic World. Three things that describe her character are “violent, sporadic, and extreme”.

    Sasami’s homeroom teacher. Three things that describe her character are “scatter brained, very airheaded, and easy going.”

    Shinohara Misao:
    She entered Sasami’s class last year, but she is still a very unfamiliar girl. In reality she is like Sasami and was born a Magic Girl. She entered the cooking club with Sasami but…

    Sasami was born with the ability to use magic, but when she was a little girl in her 5th year at Elementary School her parents made her promise to use it only in secret. She has a bright personality and takes pride in her cooking. She entered the Cooking Club (in reality the Magic Girls Club), with her classmate Misao and that greatly changed her fate.

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