Episode 14: “Gangreen Gang!” Parts I & II

The professor makes such a fashion statement — what with his pink sweatshirt and matching footwear

What the hell, Little Arturo is a girl? Since when?

Real men aren’t scared of roaches

Here’s a better look at his hot-pink sweatshirt

Miyako and her call of nature. Hey when you gotta go, you gotta go

I don’t care what you think. Miyako seems to like it.
“ああっ… 気持ちですわ♥”

We get it already. Your manliness is on a whole other level

Momoko showing off her elite ninjitsu skills. Like a hurricane


Aren’t those style of binoculars suppose to be used for an opera?

I will now attempt to prove, once and for all, that Kaoru does not wear any pantsu under that skirt of hers. Now displaying Exhibit “A”

High kick! Exhibit “B”

Exhibit “C”. I rest my case

Sometimes the writers have to remind us that she’s still female

Exhibit “D”. Sorry, late entry

Now I can only imagine what the smell must be like — let alone the taste. Kaoru doesn’t mind apparently

“What do MEAN you’re not a boy?!”

Works great in unclogging your pores

Her skirts just seem to be getting shorter and shorter with each passing episode

“Hohohoho…” — Finally getting the attention she so rightfully deserves <3

Cheer up emo Blossom


Closing II Sequence:

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