This time it’s the real deal…

Japanese artist, now apparent gosurori idol Nana Kitade has just released her new 8th single, “Kibou no Kakera” — otherwise known as the opening theme to the Powerpuff Girls Z anime. Three tracks can be found inside. They include the title track, a karaoke version of the title track, and a song called “This is a Girl”. You may now download and listen to the entire CD by clicking on the link below:

Next thing I would like to bring to your attention are these two images that I found on 2ch earlier this week:

Looks real enough doesn’t it? Supposedly they’re Pinky:St-style figures of Momoko, Miyako, and Peach. However, if you read the top carefully, the name of the manufacturer is spelled quite differently; ピンキ( ゚∀゚)イイ!ストリート, or Pinki( ゚∀゚)ii! Street. Nice way of getting my hopes up. I did a thorough check of the real Pinky webpage and found nothing of the sort. So it’s safe to assume that the above are complete fakes in an attempt to be funny. But you see, I’m not laughing. I really do want some PPGZ merchandise! RAWR


Still no date set for the official DVD releases. Although the rumor going around mixi is possibly early December. I’ll be sure to keep you posted.