Episode 15: “The Targeted Fashion Show!” + “A Man! Ramen Monster!”

I’d be a very happy man if I actually owned these :~

Alright! Now there’s a lot to talk about this week. So I’m going to do my absolute best to have you all catch up on all the latest that’s going on in the PPGZ world. But first, I believe there was a new episode that just aired a short time ago…

So cute I want to die~!

In the first half, a scouting manager, out of the blue, walks up to both Momoko and Miyako and asks if they would be interested in modeling for her agency in an upcoming fashion show taking place in their town — this has all the makings of a scam you know. As to why you would ask a pair of junior-high school girls, I don’t know either. Anyway, Momoko and Miyako accept. Kaoru however rejects the proposal – no surprise there.

Now with her young talents at hand, the show can go on as planned — although both girls notice how everyone else around them is twice their own age. Moving on, the girls are finally introduced to head designer Shirino Janko — who apparently doesn’t like the mix of henshin belts with her design outfits. The girls are then left with no choice but to remove them at least until the show is over.

Momoko and Miyako then step onto the catwalk, demonstrating Janko’s fashion designs and accessories, all while enjoying their time in the spotlight — especially Momoko. Was that not Sedusa’s theme music being played in the background? Anyway, later came everybody’s favorite monkey villain, who was even more disturbing than usual.

A cross-dressing Mojo never ceases to amuse me

So we’re going for sexier poses now?

Yes those are actual cordless irons with faces you see there

I’m sorry but those outfits make them look even younger — which may or may not be a bad thing, depending on who you ask

The funniest scene was where Momoko accidentally bumps into a disguised Mojo and asks whether or not he’s okay, where he responds, “I’m fine mojo”. Every response after that had him finishing his sentences with a “mojo” in the end, haha! Anyway the first half concluded with the girls wearing Janko-sensei’s newly design skin-tight outfits. So tight you can almost see everything. Just what the hell audience are they trying to target here?

Next half had another one of these filler villains. Nothing much to say about this one, except for the scenes where Miyako was about to toss her cookies! :D

Pass. This one’s too easy

Pregnant Husbando GET

Fetish artwork would soon follow:

“責任とってね” (“Be sure to take responsibility ‘k?”)

Uh-oh! Is next week’s episode dedicated to waifu?! (*´Д`)ハァハァ

“A table, a chair, a bowl of fruit and a violin; what else does a man need to be happy.”

Chances are I’m going to feel sorry for her again, what with a title called, “Sorrow! Princess’ Secret”. But I’ll be there, supporting the Princess all the way, because that’s what a good partner does ;P

Well with another delightful episode under our belt, news of the official R2 DVDs were just recently announced! The report, or should I say CM, was actually broadcast together with yesterday’s episode, pleasing fans from all over as they have been anxiously awaiting word of the DVD volumes:

As you can see from the image above, there will be two different formats to choose from. The Limited Collector’s Edition, or the Regular Edition set. Notice how the Limited release has the words “Volume 1” applied to it, meaning there will be more special editions to come. December 20th seems to be the release date. So what do you receive exactly if you decide to go with the limited copy?

  • Special Clear DVD Cover
  • Hyper Blossom Pinup Card
  • 8-page Foldout Booklet

The Limited Edition set is retailed at 4,725 yen — roughly $40 USD. The Normal Edition volumes are retailed at 1470 yen each — roughly $12 USD. These are a must buy for any fan at those prices. Hell we’re not even sure if the domestic release will include the Japanese audio track. Remember folks, this is Toei we’re talking about. You know how they are about international licensing of their material — may I remind you that One Piece R1 DVDs do not include a JPN track. Oh and don’t even expect to ever hear the Japanese dub of Pretty Cure here in the US anytime soon. And do I even have to mention the infamous American release of Air Master. I swear, they’ll never forgive us about our rendition of Sailor Moon now will they…

Well with all the excitement that followed, I immediately turned to good ‘ol CDJapan and preorder my copy of the Limited Edition set. Proof!

Oh yeah! You better believe I’m going to support this show all the way through ;P And seeing as how mendinso was kind enough to help me find some info on whether or not the show was actually set for 52 episodes, I’m in this ride for at least another half a year — giving you guys weekly coverage, screencaps, fanart, news and whatnot. I have no plans to stop anytime soon.

Next up on our agenda is the unveiling of these brand new future episode titles. As you already know, the following are only tentative. So it may change at any given moment. Please keep this in mind as you read them:

  • Episode 16 – “哀れ!プリンセスの秘密” その1/その2 ~ (“Sorrow! Princess’ Secret” Part 1&2) [10/14]
  • Episode 17 – “シャッターチャンスを逃すな!” / “兄弟愛!電波モンスター” ~ (“Don’t Let The Shutter Chance Slip Away!” / “Fraternal Love! Radio-Wave Monster”) [10/21]
  • Episode 18 – “モンスター タッグバトル” その1/その2 ~ (“Monster Tag Battle” Part 1&2) [10/28]
  • Episode 19 – “最強!キーン先生” / “哀しきピアノレッスン!” ~ (“The Strongest! Keane-sensei” / “A Sorrowful Piano Lesson!”) [11/04]

And finally, I leave you all with a bit of a weekly rollup of other interesting notes related to the series:

  • According to this article from Daily Yomiura Online, there are plans to broadcast the upcoming dub on CN. Surprise surprise.
  • Last week, I realized I never mentioned the newly revised OP sequence Toei had debuted on air — seeing as how my last entry was just another bs caption-filled post ;P But in case you want to compare the two, or if you fail to catch any of the changes the first time seeing it, you might want to take a look at this image here. Also, I’m fairly certain this newly visual OP will be used for all episodes starting from volume one of the DVD release.
  • Check out this awesome midi file of the henshin sequence theme made by dance_priest.
  • In my last post, I was making a few remarks as to the panstu issue that Kaoru’s character apparently faces every now and then, thanks to the many talents behind Toei/Aniplex. Here’s my last and final piece of evidence of the said case — well maybe not final but for now yes.
  • Lastly, I notice how I promised an all-Nana Kitade PV share some weeks back. Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten.


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