We’re officially labeled a “news” site!

Oh yes, imagine my surprise when I got the call Σ(゜д゜;)

First, we have to start with a little background on Windows100% and what they’re all about…

Windows100%, under publisher Shinyusha, is one of the most leading Hi Tech PC Culture and hardcore otaku magazines out there in Japan. A circulation of over 200,000 copies are issued monthly. The magazine covers just about everything otaku — we’re talking software apps, gadgets and tech news, video gaming, anime, and what some folks find controversial, the eroge industry. Every copy includes two CD-ROMs, appropriately labeled “disc A” and “disc B,” that are just filled with tons of extras such as game demos and promotional software.

On October of this year, Mr. Takahiko Nishio, editor of Windows100%, contacted me directly to send his compliments on the fine job I have done with moetron ☆萌えトロン. He was very impressed with how well organized and informative the site was. So much in fact that he asked me whether I would allow him and his Windows100% staff to feature Moetron in the December (Volume #98) issue of his magazine. Mr. Takahiko’s exact words: “It will surely be exciting both for readers and me to be able to introduce you and your site on our magazine.” Of course I was in immediate disbelief. I couldn’t conceive the notion that a representative of a major Japanese publishing company would show such high interest on this little home we’ve established here over the years. But that’s not the best part. He wanted to actually conduct an interview with me, the site’s owner. The interview would consist of 100 questions, ranging from the history of Moetron to rather personal ones about myself. On top of all that, I was asked to submit pictures of my own anime “otaku” collection. But that’s not all. I was also asked to submit a picture of myself! This is where I hesitated a bit. Do I really want to expose myself to that many people all at once? But I thought, “it’s okay, what do I have to lose”. I think it’s about time I reveal the true identity of pKjd to the world! — or to Japanese readers in this case.

These are the actual CD-ROMs included in the December issue of Windows100%. I’ll tell you later why you should be placing all your attention on “Disc B.”

Well here it is. The actual article featuring Moetron.com, with a few selected Q&As that the staff found the most interesting — at least that’s what my guess is. Notice the two figures in the picture. Hmm, I wonder what purpose those two will serve in all this…

Ah yes, I see they had to kick things off with the, “please let me know your handle (i.e. nickname) and the origin” question. Hahah, I don’t think I ever told anyone, not even my own close personal friends, what the true meaning of the name “pKjd” is. But here you are. You don’t have to be able to read Japanese to know the answer now right? It’s right there in plain English. By the way, I have no idea why my head was cut off like that when I took the picture.

Here you go people! This here is where I finally attempt to answer the two questions that I get frequently asked from visitors, but never really take the time to answer directly — I usually just drift away from answering and begin a whole new topic ;P. The questions are, “could you introduce “moetron” briefly?!” — in other words, “what the hell is this site/blog all about exactly?” And of course, “what does the name “moetron” mean?”. If you can read it go ahead. But I won’t answer these just yet for those who can’t — I’ll explain later. However for the second question, it isn’t that hard to figure out my response. *Hint: it has something to do with that figure you saw earlier.

Oh yeah, and out of all the posts I’ve published on here over the months, the staff at Windows100% choose to feature that one controversial “Haruhi 2nd Season” news report _| ̄|○

I love the whole “American MOE Life” caption they wrote write above the collage made from photos of my collection. Oh and what you see are some pin-ups, Halko Momoi’s “momo-i quality” CD and poster, and my treasured Watanoi set. There are a lot more photos available in “Disc B” of the magazine. And yes, you guessed it. All 100 questions from the interview can be found inside there as well.

Here is where I get asked about my own personal stance on the eroge industry as a whole. My answer was kind of lengthy — yes when it comes to a subject/issue I feel very passionate about, I tend to speak on the matter for long hours — so you’ll have to pop in that disc again to read the entire response.

Make one thing clear, I’m no one’s Servbot!!

I stand corrected <3

“Oversea otaku” eh?

Guess what you’ll see if you turn the page a few times after the featured article? [1], [2] *semi NSFW

As for the 100 question interview itself, I’ll have to write a whole new entry altogether. I’m not so sure whether all 100 will be published or not, considering how some questions may be a bit personal, like for instance:

  • “Could you describe your “ideal girlfriend”?”
  • “Have you been in a relationship?”
  • “What do you think about having a Japanese girlfriend?”
  • “Who is the person you most respect in life?”

C’mon seriously, does anyone really care to know what my responses were? So I may just have to pick and choose in the end. But I can tell you what I did mention in the interview. Here’s a quick list:

  • Makai Senki Disgaea – including other NIS titles
  • Kimagure Orange Road, Maison Ikkoku, Fushigi no Umi no Nadia, Shoujo Kakumei Utena, etc.
  • Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, AIR, SHUFFLE!, Canvas2, etc.
  • Halko Momoi, KOTOKO, Perfume,
  • Bon-Bon Blanco – had to show my love for Santos Anna of course!
  • Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z – had to explain why the show has taken over the site lately
  • Moeyo! Akiba-jin Blog
  • 2ch and Mixi communities
  • YouTube – and how they terminated my account
  • Origin of the name “Moetron”
  • Cultural gap between fans there and overseas
  • Lolicon debate
  • Comiket
  • Touhou Project
  • Fansubbing community
  • Yaoi and Shota – that was one of the topics in the interview
  • Cosplay/Anime-con culture
  • Korean animation
  • Jpop and it’s growing popularity overseas
  • Every staff member that has worked on the site in the past
  • Doujin circles
  • Next-gen consoles
  • Final word for Japanese readers

Before I go, I’d would like to say thank you to all those who’ve left positive feedback and have continously supported the site throughout 2005-2006. Just so you guys know, we’ve gone over half a million hits — so I’ve never been more motivated than ever to move forward with this project, right into 2007. I’m still not fully satisfied with how the site looks at the moment — I don’t think I’ll ever be — and that’s because I know there’s always room for improvement; and that’s exactly what I want more than anything. I can’t thank you all enough for finding moetron a reliable source for information of whatever holds your interest. Although there may be other factors that may play in the future, such as me finally graduating from college next summer, beginning a new life of my own, etc, I still want to take time to update the site while keeping the progress going. So again, I appreciate everyone’s feedback and hope for the best next year.

Now let’s close things out with some Moejan goodness…