It’s not magic! It’s science! Fighting love, science legend! Powerpuff Girls Z!

Perhaps we better start from the beginning…

Timeline Summary

March 31, 2005:

Moetron, or what was original known as, “pKjd’s Anime News Log,” established a home on Blogger — a free weblog publishing system owned by Google. The decision was made simply for the love of reporting anime headlines to the masses, a hobby I had as a forum moderator for an online store.

April 01, 2005:

Reports from Tokyo International Anime Fair ’05 unveiled the shocking story of a possible anime adaptation of Craig McCracken’s original American cartoon television series, “The Powerpuff Girls.” The project would become a joint venture between Toei Animation, Aniplex, and Cartoon Network. However, even with the applied credible sources, a majority of overseas fans simply found the report too hard to believe, considering the timing of the announcement: April Fool’s Day.

The official press release from Toei was revealed on March 31st, 2005.

Other credible Japanese sources also jumped at the chance of informing the public, including Impress Watch, Eg, and Anime!Anime!… Be sure to click on their names for their original reports.

April 05, 2005:

After having just published three entries — of which related to titles such as “Fullmetal Alchemist,” “Ichigo Mashimaro,” and “Tsubasa Chronicle” — the fourth ever post on Moetron covered the news of a Powerpuff Girls anime, tentatively titled at the time, “Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z.” Now official of course. The entry can be found here.

It isn’t hard to see why I hesitated on reporting the story four days after it was released, seeing as how I was also part of that same deceptive group that had their doubts for a Japanified PPG. Plus the blog at the time was practically new; and to take such a risk of publishing a more than likely false report — or in this case an April Fool’s joke — would just be suicidal. If the story had proven to be false, it would’ve jeopardized the whole credibility of this newsblog project that I worked extremely hard to promote and get across to everyone.

So what finally convinced me that there was enough evidence for a possible PPG anime? I’m sure you all know the answer:

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May 2005:

A month has gone by since the announcement was made. No new word or detailed information was released.

Summer – Fall 2005:

The blog officially becomes known as “Moetron” — named after one of my favourite video game femmes, Tron Bonne.

Winter 2005:

At this point most people have forgotten about the PPG anime project, and have put their focus on other more recent stories that have caught their attention.

March 23rd – 26th, 2006:

Here we go again. In almost a year since the initial announcement, Tokyo International Anime Fair ’06 unveiled yet another surprise to us all:

Hey something looks a bit different…
Woah who’s that narrating the promo?
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June 2006:

The first true official TV promo for “Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z” is out. A broadcast date is also set: Saturday, July 1st, 2006 @7:00am on TV Tokyo:

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July 01, 2006:

“Pop de happy, munekyun smile!” That was the phrase heard after the end of the debut episode — and every episode after that. But what were some of the responses from the audience now that the show was finally out?…

“For one thing: PPG is an american show, and therefore should NEVER have been made into an anime. 2: The whole concept is flawed, and brings anime as a whole down a few pegs. 3rd: It sucks.”


“The art and animation was are alright, but the rest just sucks! They totally changed the original thing! THEY TRANSFORM!! OMG!! WTF?! Powerpuff girls are POWERPUFF GIRLS because that’s their nature!! >__< WHY MUST THEY RUIN IT?! T__T On a second note, if you have never seen the original powerpuff, then I guess this is alright : ' D;; ( but if you have, this sucks BIG time )" _ "It's like watching a time-portal broadcast from the parallel universe where everything is anime, or something. So, what's next? South Park Z? Family Guy Z? The Z-impsons?" _ "Oh god that OP is awful. Actually all the music is bad. "Hypera Blossom!," "Rorringgo Bubblessu," "Powerdo ButterCUP," and of course, the most evil thing any baddy could ever do is steal candy from children. That's just obscene. And since when did the PPG's need weapons? Even if it is a giant rubber hammer. No I dont think I will look at the next one." _ "This... POWERPUFF Girl z thing SUCKS. The original was way funnier and... now they've turned it into Sailornmoon girls.... AND WHY ISN'T THE MAYOR SHORT AND OBSSESED WITH PICKLES!!!?" _ "Wow, three whole minutes into it and my retinas wanted to melt straight out. I mean, I thought it looked cute, but to see it, to actually view this thing, I’m just…writhing. The mayor is actually comprehensible? The Professor has a son? The Girls need weapons?! THEY HAVE FINGGEEERRRS!!! I do like Miss Bellum, though, but it’d take a LOT to screw her up. They even run out of stamina and transform…This is like a fighting game gone HORRIBLY wrong.”


“The original was funny, this has nothing on it other than being cute. I’m not letting my child watch this garbage when it comes out here that’s for sure.”


“Now here is ladies and gents, anime gone wrong. Taking a great Show such as PPG and transforming it into a high quality animation BUT!! adding anime culture such as the displaying of LITTLE GIRLS’ underwear and some dozen things you always find in anime…. Sorry japan. I love but I don’t think this is good for little western kids. Not to mention stepping away from the whole PPG thing.”


“The narrator is gone, they have stupid belts, Mojo doesn’t talk too much anymore like he used to, the professor has a son, there’s a stupid dog instead of a hotline, the mayor looks completely different and has no monocle, the mayor doesn’t love pickles anymore, Mrs. Bellum is blonde and looks like a nurse, the mayor is tall and fat, the PPGs aren’t sisters and the use weapons instead of actual powers, and there’s more where that came from…And since WHEN does Mojo FLY?!”

Okay well there sure was a lot of hatred coming from quite a few when the series finally aired. But the reaction from people shouldn’t surprise anyone. I mean there are those who really love the original, and don’t want nothing from it taken away.

Now it was my turn. I had stay glued to my computer, watching the clock, and counted down the hours before the first episode was about to air. The time came, I sat back and viewed the whole thing, and my initial response, “those were some of the cutest designs I have ever witnessed in my life!” Yup that’s right. It was the “cute factor” that really had my attention and immediate interest for the show. Sure I loved the American original to death, but I wasn’t expecting the anime to be anything like it. If I did I would’ve been sorely disappointed with the final outcome. Thank goodness for my weakness of the “cute and moe.”

On the same day it premiered, I decided to a least partially cover the first episode, “Arrival Of The Girls! / Birth Of The Girls!,” just to hear what our own visitors would say about the show. I knew I already liked it, but my curious self eagerly wanted to listen to the opinions of others. So what was the first ever comment left by someone on our introductory PPGZ coverage entry?

“Hahaha aside from Mojo Jojo’s awesome character redesign, this looks like the worst thing ever. HIM in animu form is actually less creepy :O”

The comments left after this were a lot more positive by the way. So much in fact that the overall feedback convinced me to cover episode two the following week.

July 08, 2006:

Episode 2, “Gentle Bubbles,” had aired on TV Tokyo. As promised, I would post a few screencaps and give off my first impressions on the latest ep. Keep in mind that there were still no plans for me to continue covering the show. Moetron was more about reporting otaku-related headlines and such. It was never about covering weekly episodes.

The number of comments left this time around were minuscule compared to the previous week. And when I mean small I mean tiny — 25 last week, 4 that week. But the person who left the first comment — apparently a huge Miyako fan — asked if I was going to continue doing a write-up for future episodes. My response was basically a “maybe.”

July 15, 2006:

Episode 3, “Girls United!,” had just came out. Now things begin to get a little more interesting. Kaoru was primarily the main focus here and I immediately jumped at the chance to say that she was my character. She was cute. Yes that’s right, “she” was cute. Boyish/Shota-ish yes, but still, I knew there was something special about her. This also marked the day I first laid eyes on another lovely character. The young, rich, a bit snobby but beautiful, Himeko Shirogane. More on her later :3

July 16th, – August 4th, 2006:

The show is improving, the fanbase is growing…
My love for Kaoru continues to flourish…

August 5th, 2006:

My world as I know it was about to change…

It’s pretty much apparent that at this point I had planned on continuing my weekly PPGZ coverage on until the show was finally over. The decision was made quite easy actually. First off I basically was in-love with the series. Second, I began to get to know a lot of those who were leaving feedback on the entries — a few of them I’ve became really good friends with, even today. Third, there were hardly any anime blogs talking about it anymore. So I saw this as an opportunity to make PPGZ the first official title Moetron would be exclusively covering from here on out.

Now episode 6, “Fuzzy Lumpkins! / Himeko the Princess!,” marked a really big change for me personally — mainly because I had met my match for biggest Kaoru fanatic. For that entry I had interviewed a person named Moorina, self-proclaimed Kaoru #1 devotee. She totally owned the title after that. There was no way of competing with her. But what’s really funny is a few weeks later, Moorina had completely disappeared. I haven’t seen her since. Hope I didn’t embarrass her. Moorina, if you’re reading this, please try to get into contact with me! Or just simply leave a comment if you’re not too busy. I have to know, do you still love Kaoru today as much as you loved her then? I’ll await your answer for as long as it takes :D

Now the timing of this defeat couldn’t have come at a better time. On the same day I pass on the Kaoru title to Moorina, I had to pleasure of meeting Himeko’s psychotic other self, appropriately dubbed Princess-sama~♥. Now you may add her to that list of reasons why I’m so obsessed with this series :P

August 6th – September 15th 2006:

More and more fans begin to discover PPGZ. The feedback we’re receiving for the reviews also gradually increases.

New features begin to pop up, including a “Random Gallery” filled with fanart and animated gifs, embedded YouTube video clips, and a significant increase in the number of screen captures.

A promotional campaign is also fully underway. This includes having to register on several different forums/message boards and spreading the word.

September 16, 2006:

Episode 12, “The Bubbles of First Love,” airs. Finally some real character development in the story. Afterwards my impression of the series began to change, as I realized it can succeed if more eps were written using the same format, carrying that same emotion felt when you first experienced this episode. This also marked the first time I had actually written an in-depth review for the show.

September 17th – October 13th, 2006:

PPGZ fandom seriously starts to take off. Preorders for volume I of the DVD Collector’s Edition go on sale. Fanart begins to become a common thing to find on Futaba. A new OP/ED premieres to stamp the half-point of the season.

Meanwhile, in an attempt to look in to the minds of those hardcore fans, I begin to participate in several forum discussions. This greatly influenced my style of reviews later on. I now had the essence needed to produce a better organized coverage setup.

October 14, 2006:

Episode 16, “How Pitiable! Princess’ Secret,” is broadcast on TV Tokyo. However, instead of the usual setup, I decide to conclusively make my love for the Princess apparent among all.

October 15th – November 11th, 2006:

Moetron’s PPGZ coverage is being discovered by an even larger crowd. Several Japanese sites/blogs have even acknowledged it. Concern for up-to-date news and reports began to loom about. The pressure was on.

The news of the Rowdyruff Boys appearing in episode 20 hit the internet fanbase hard. An adundant amount of praising and rejoicing began to fill the air. Highly one of the most anticipated chapters so far.

November 12, 2006:

Episode 20, “Rowdyruff Boys,” debuts. Reaction was mixed. Now to see who the real fans of the show are…

November 13th – Present:

Two of the three PPGZ discussion boards I regularly visit begin to quite down. Again, this was entirely due to the reaction of episode 20.

In Moetron’s interview with Japanese magazine “Windows100%,” the “Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z” series is mentioned — in an attempt to notify Japanese anime otakus that there are international fans who simply have a real love for the show.

Four online polls were setup in order to give everyone a chance to voice their opinions on Season I. The results of those polls were displayed on a PPGZ entry titled, “Reflections.” In addition, a big announcement was made concerning the first ever PPGZ (???) contest.

True Confessions

“Lookin’ cute Princess” – by artist Hetdegon

Six months ago I encountered a true lady. She had entered my world, a symbiosis of femininity and sophistication, with rash curiosity. At the moment our eyes met, to put it lightly and reprehensibly, I was enraptured by her. However, she surveyed my approach with a shrug and a sigh of amused distaste. It seemed to me then that she was ready to turn away, never to pay heed to my affections for her. There was not an experience more agonizing in my life.

But despite my failed attempts, despite our hostilities, despite her nastiness. Despite all the strife and faces she made, and the vulgarity and grim hopelessness of it all…I still lingered deep in my adopted paradise. A paradise whose skies were as black as ebony … but still a paradise. For there was no other bliss on Earth comparable to that of which my heart desired. A bliss which belonged to another plane of sensitivity.

Belatedly she accepts my lack of perfection but keen willingness to become a crowning gentleman. At that moment, with all my might, I fixate my eyes on her. Her seraphic radiance filled the room we were in. Her hair as red as the autumn leaves. I was simply mesmerized by her true elegance and stunning beauty. I couldn’t help but notice her strikingly gold pupils staring pensively into mine, with her rosebud lips twitching in anticipation. From that moment I dubbed her, my “Royal Cherished Flame.”

Light of my life, fire of my dreams. My soul, my passion.

“Cheerleading Princess” – by artist Hetdegon
Thanks again for the lovely artwork :)


Reader’s Choice

Alright! Now that I’ve just about creep’d out the entire room — hopefully there are still a few of you left out there — we can get on with the poll results :D


For ‘Best Main Villain‘ you guys picked:

  • Kare (Him)

I don’t think I have to state what my pick was…

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

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For ‘Overall PPGZ Ranking‘ you guys said:

  • PPGZ is superior to the original!

For me personally, nothing can really compare to the primary series. Don’t get me wrong now, I love PPGZ, but Craig McCracken’s original American cartoon, “The Powerpuff Girls,” will always have a special place in my heart, especially since how most of us grew up watching it…

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

For ‘Worst Episode of the Season‘ you guys chose:

  • Episode 07 – “Make it come true! Momoko’s Love” + “Heinous Trio? The Amoeba Boys!

My pick was and will forever be that the atrocious first episode u_u

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


And finally, for ‘Best Episode of the Season‘ you guys voted:

  • Episode 20 – “Rowdyruff Boys” Parts I & II

I don’t know whether to be shocked or not. But that’s how it is. In case you’re wondering, my pick was — and I know some people might hate me for this — episode 12.


Final Word

Twenty-six episodes done. Twenty-six more to go. What exactly does 2007 have in store for our three heroines, time will only tell. But whatever it is, we’ll be here, continuing to cover each episode as it airs. I do have a few new ideas for how I want to review the next season as well.

We also have an upcoming PPGZ contest that I would like to get started soon — hopefully around late January, early February. The prizes have been decided, however, I plan on keeping them a secret for the time being. But I can assure you, if you’re any fan at all, you will really want to get your hands on these. Trust me. As for the type of contest, it may be fanart, karaoke, amv, etc. There hasn’t been any official decision yet. If you would like to offer some suggestions, by all means please do so by leaving a comment. Thanks again for all your support…

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