“Fools rush in; where wise men never go…
But wise men never fall in love; so how are they to know”

出ましたっ!パワパフガールズZ – 28 「Lady’s Tag Battle: Parts I & II」

Now why did this episode seem a bit familiar to me?

Three villains: Princess, Sedusa, and Lady. They will unite as one, calling themselves, “The Ladies Monsters.” Their mission? To be the most notorious criminals the world has ever witnessed. How will they do it? By following in the footsteps of the greatest gentleman phantom thief of them all!

Oh I’m sure you’re all familiar with his grandson… our generation’s most skillful and infamous master thief, Arsène Lupin III:

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Ep28 Commentary:

The biceps on Buttercup are frightening

First half: Ah yes~ The best way to start any episode… Himeko walks into a jewelry store and literally buys everything they have on sale. The shop manager there is grateful for her business because she does this every year. Her maid servants, I don’t know what else to call them, pack all her goods into the back of her limo and drive away. But on the way Himeko notices a small crowd of her classmates on a sidewalk. The kids were focusing all their attention towards a poster which featured the Powerpuff Girls Z. Apparently there is going to be a ceremony in tribute of our Heroines of Justice at a public park today. There they will also unveil a golden statue of the PPGZ in their honor. Of course, we all know how Himeko must feel about all this. About the trio standing out and grabbing all the spotlight and whatever.

Afterwards we get to meet with some old friends of ours, the Amoeba Boys. There the three are trying to plan out what their next big crime should be. Both Silk Hat and Poncho can’t seem to come up with any ideas. But Lady had one. This time they were going to use French novelist Maurice Leblanc’s Arsène Lupin character as the inspiration. The other two immediately agreed.

Now we shift over to Sakurako’s bakery where the girls are inside noticing that same exact poster mentioned earlier. It seems that they weren’t even aware of the ceremony until the last minute. Plus they weren’t all that happy about the golden statues made in their honor. Or so we thought. Momoko tries to imagine what the statues might look like. Naturally, she believes that since she’s the leader, she should be the center focus. Miyako however imagines herself being the main focus, since she’s the cutest member of the group. And we can all guess what Kaoru is thinking.

Okay I knew my Princess was small, but this is ridiculous

Next up is Souichirou, who comes inside with a present for Sakurako hidden behind him — it was a Pink Jaguar brand lipstick. Unfortunately he was too nervous to just give it to her, and instead, changes the subject to the PPGZ ceremony today — un-freaking believable. How can this guy still be nervous if the two are pretty much an official couple? Or did I miss something here? Anyway, the girls get a call from Ken and Peach that the Amoeba Boys may be in the area ready to cause trouble again. The girls leave, but shortly after Himeko walks in. She comes in demanding that they make her a “Himeko special-deluxe strawberry daifuku” — it has to be an ultra large GORGEOUS daifuku filled with 1000 strawberries inside — my lady knows exactly what she wants :P She slams the money down, telling Sakurako that it better be made right and that it be given their most favorable treatment in preparing it. She then takes off. Souichirou thought her request and the way she demanded her request be made to be real annoying and irritating, especially for a small bakery like Sakurako’s — he better watch his mouth or else. Afterwards Souichirou leaves his present on the counter and takes off as well.

Meanwhile the Amoeba Boys are getting set for their crime spree. But they get an unexpected welcome by the Powerpuff Z. Lady begins to directly attack the girls, and as a result, gets sent flying by Buttercup’s hammer. After being sent a good distance through the air, she crashes through Himeko’s bedroom window and lands on Sapphire. The cat screams, Himeko transforms, and the Princess makes her episode appearance. Immediately after, Sakurako is seen personally delivering Himeko’s “special-deluxe strawberry daifuku” to her bedroom. The Princess dives insides, eats what she can, and finds next to it Souichirou’s present. She opens it, thinking it was a present for her, and discovers it was lipstick. She doesn’t like it so she smears it all over Sakurako’s face — I so saw that coming :P Sakurako transforms, turns into Sedusa, and the Princess and Lady are in shock to find out that she was also a monster. A fight then breaks out between the Princess and Sedusa. Lady is there to break it up. After the short confrontation, the three begin to talk about how the PPGZ are to blame for all their misfortunes. The three are then surprise to see that they share the same hatred for the justice trio. They decide right at that moment to team up this once. And with that, the Ladies Monsters are formed…

ブラックタイツ! ブラックタイツ! KITAAAAAAAAAA!!

Bow down to the Almighty — Queen of the East

Next time tell your boyfriend to watch his mouth


C’mon Princess! Pretend she’s that no-class skank sister of yours!

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Second half: A helicopter flies dangerously close to the Mayor’s office to deliver a letter, which Ms.Bellum picks up. The note states that the newly formed mysterious phantom group of thieves, The Ladies Monsters, have their eye on the PPGZ golden statues that are suppose to be presented at today’s ceremony. The Mayor panics and calls Prof Utonium. The girls are then set for action.

When they finally arrive at the park, they notice a lot of men in black suits. The Mayor explains that there are 1000 special security agents on guard to protect Tokyo City’s greatest treasure, the PPGZ golden statues — since they received that threat earlier. Right then a call comes in from one of the SP agents. He tells them that an army of robots have started marching in and are headed in their direction. Soon after another call comes in from another agent. Again another robot invasion to worry about. The girls then begin to take care of the situation. While distracted, Sedusa, disguised as Blossom tricks the Mayor and the others into leaving the area where the statues are located. Himeko and Lady come in with their helicopter, switch the statues, are spotted by the girls, but get away in time — only because the trio are feeling fatigue from taking care of all those robot armies earlier.

Back at Himeko’s home, the Princess, Sedusa, and Lady turn on the tele to watch the unveiling of what is suppose to be the PPGZ statue display. What we and the townspeople get instead is a golden statue of the Princess with her feet on Sedusa and a woodcarving of Lady on the side. Minutes after the statues are removed from the area. The Ladies Monsters move on to their next plan.

Book of female etiquette: a proper lady crosses her legs, at the knees or ankles, while sitting down in a chair; otherwise it is considered rude. What’s the excuse here?

The switch is made. Mission complete.

Here she has to hold her nose. How wretched the stench must be I can’t tell you…

Lady, using the book she had earlier of Arsène Lupin for inspiration, comes up with their next course of action. The Ladies Monsters decide to drop bombs of perfume, toys, and rotten fruit at the citizens of Tokyo City. Immediately after they set their sights on Tokyo City Dome where they will begin their next phase: a guerrilla performance inside the stadium. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, on stage, in their first ever live concert, Pretty Princess and The Ladies Monsters!

God Knows… Himeko?

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The PPGZ finally make it in time to stop the three. Attacks used:

Blossom’s “Spining Gold Flake Chocolat”
Princess’ “Diamond Claw”
Bubbles’ “Bubble Poyon”
Buttercup’s “Megaton Homerun”

My former love being smacked on the head with a harisen by my current love~

She’s going to make a perfect wife someday, as you can see

Self-proclaimed “Homerun King”? Don’t you mean Queen? Oh wait, this is Butterpimp we’re talking about…

Not a baseball but a rosin bag. She has to hold her nose yet again. Cute!

No pantsu Buttercup returns for Season II! Well close enough

The Ladies Monsters are defeated, the PPGZ golden statue is smashed to pieces unfortunately, Lady wants to rename her group, “The Amoeba Ladies Z,” Sakurako finally puts on the lipstick given to her by Souichirou — or maybe it’s not on but the close-up of her lips confuses me so. And as for Himeko… well. Himeko was given a HUGE golden statue of herself by her Papa as a present. But when Himeko asks her mom where her Papa was so she can thank him, she tells her that he had gone fishing for salmon in Canada — apparently ikura (salmon roe) was Miko’s favorite dish. This didn’t sit too well with Himeko, as you can imagine. By the way, I never noticed how HAWT beautiful Himeko’s mom was until now. Hmmm…

The lipstick is on but no Sedusa. What gives? Or maybe it’s not on… I’m confused

Aw man I want one for my backyard as well

Himeko might grow up to look just like her mother. Now do you still think I’m crazy for loving the Princess so much?

Good Heavens, just look at the time!

Finally, after a long day, the girls took a much needed rest. Meanwhile Ken and Peach were busy gluing the pieces together of their statue. When they were done they noticed that neither one stood out more than the other. Turns out all three were the center focus. Awwww~ Himeko’s statue is still cuter though :D

Love the episode, but oh man, some of those scenes deserve the “Musashi Seal of Epic Quality.”

See even Himeko-ojousama is pissed at Toei for the crude animation this week


Notes of Interest:

Poncho kisses Bubbles! Was this not in a doujinshi once? Click the image for a better look

MOETRON SCOOP! Poncho of the Amoeba Boys plants a big one on Bubbles — and she doesn’t seem to mind at all. UH-OH! DO I SMELL A SCANDAL BREWING?!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Not this crap again

Incompetent Toei animators! This was the same outsourcing animation flaw seen in episode 3 — or was it 4 I forget.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Bubbles and her lazy eye

Time: 0:04 — Frame: 116; this is so wrong…

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Less than a week and already the new OP has been altered. Changes can be found here and here.

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Finally, for those who have still yet watch episode 28, you may grab it from this link here. There’s also a torrent available on Tokyo Toshokan. Or…, you can watch it by simply visiting CupidKirby’s YouTube space. She takes the time to upload everything PPGZ, so much thanks to her as always.



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The above works are from artist Seiryuga. As you might of guessed, the Princess one was a request by me :P I would also like to thank Hetdegon for his beautiful drawing of Himeko up on the very top — also a request; as well as Asirt for providing a few panoramic imagery for everyone to share.


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