出ましたっ!パワパフガールズZ – 29 「Let’s go to the Dentist!」/ 「Saturday Powerpuff Fever」

Ep29 Commentary:

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First half: So she finally pays for her gluttonous desires for sweets eh? I knew it was only a matter of time. I mean here she is eating all the sweets the whole town has to offer, yet she never gains an ounce. But this time Momoko couldn’t avoid getting what many kids her age fear; a cavity — which is also a one-way ticket to the dentist. But she won’t be alone. Mojo’s love for sweets has also led him to the same fate.

At the dentist’s office, both Momoko and Mojo arrive together. Of course Mojo is disguise somewhat with his trench coat and sunglasses. He also thought of avoiding his normal speech pattern — that is ending all his sentences with a “mojo” at the end. As the two sit in the waiting room, they can hear the sounds of a high-speed drill and a kid shouting out-loud from across the room. They try their best to ignore the scene. Afterwards Momoko overhears Mojo mumble about wanting to get this dental visit over with so he can get back to indulging his sweet tooth. Momoko tells him that she was there for the same reason. She then proposes the idea of the two working as a team to support one another and overcome any fears they might have. Without hesitation, he agreed.

Now the moment has come. The kid and his mom leave, the door slowly creeks open, and a voice from inside asks Akatsutsumi-san and Mojiyama-san (hahah! Mojo’s fake surname) to walk into his office. The two make their way in, sit in their appropriate chairs, and prepare themselves for the examination. The dentist then tells Momoko that he’ll now begin the local anesthetic injection. Mojo jumps out of his chair and realizes just how painful that may be. So Momoko then comes up with an idea. If the two were to just focus their minds on something else, like maybe some mukashi-banashi reading — Japanese folklore — then it might be able to soften the pain… *Ahem, the stories from the book will be obviously changed for a western audience when the dub is released :D

After Momoko was finished, it was time for Mojo to take a seat. There was even a cheering crowd rooting for him to pull through this. But unfortunately, because he couldn’t keep his body still, the dentist chipped away a mouthful of his teeth, and Mojo just simply had enough. He then began his attack on all the vendors outside who were selling sweets. Momoko transformed, sent Mojo flying with her yo-yo — where he found himself in another dentist chair in space, this time an alien, and Momoko returned to her unhealthy eating habits. However this time, because of her overeating, she found herself spending a good amount of time in the bathroom :\

Second half: Here we see a man by the name of Ryuuta who’s treated like a dog for the company he works for. He never talks back and is always seen apologizing to his boss. After working overtime, he walks home only to imagine how nice it would be to just be able to loosen up and bathe himself in the spotlight of a disco dance club and not have to serve as anyone’s personal errand-boy. At that moment he becomes infected by the black Kare spores that float by. Meanwhile, back at the lab, Momoko and Miyako are quite enthusiastic over hearing the news that the Powerpuff Girls Z will be the special guest at this dance event that will be going on tonight. Kaoru wasn’t interested of course. But the Professor said that he’ll be going as well, along with Ken. Ken hated the idea. But in the end, the whole group agreed to go.

Switching scenes. Now at the club, the DJ there introduces our special guests, the PPGZ:

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You know I’m not sure what that was that Buttercup was doing in that scene. Can that even be called “dancing”? Anyway, poor Ken, embarrassed by the thought of dancing in public, made an excuse to run off to the restroom. It was there where he planned to kill some time so the night would go faster — *loser :P Next Ryuuta, his boss, and a couple of his co-workers walk into the club. Even there he’s still serving his boss drinks — poor guy. But as he’s doing so, he loses his balance and finds himself in the center of the dance floor, with the spotlight over him. He then transforms into “Fever Man”. Disco time! They’ll be dancing till the break of dawn! Man, I haven’t heard a PPGZ villain use this much Engrish since Great Michel…

Another awesome bgm track from TAICHI MASTER
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Fever Man then begins to zap his employees, including his boss, where they grow red afros and have on golden suits. Fever time was on! And before you know it, everyone in the club was affected, including the Mayor, Professor and Ms. Bellum. The PPGZ notice the three on the dance floor, showing off their new red puffy hairdo. Bubbles thought it looked cute. Blossom and Buttercup couldn’t disagree more — but for your information, Miyako knows what’s cute and what’s not okay :P Oh and I most certainly agree with her!

A dance club full of red puffy hair and no sign of the Princess :S

Later, the Professor points out the disco monster and the girls take action. But as soon as they do, they get zapped and learn the true meaning of “fever time!” — how dare he not let the girls finish off their “science legend” pose. Ken then comes out of the restroom and see’s the Professor in his “Saturday Night Fever” pose. The Professor makes several attempts of telling Ken that a monster has taken over the club, but the music was too loud. So Ken goes over to the DJ booth to try to lower the volume, but instead slows down the beat. Afterwards Bubbles and Buttercup are seen slow dancing together. Moments after the two share a passionate kiss… oh I’m sorry, that only happened in my head, hahah! Anyway, Ken’s foot trips over a plug which turns off all the electricity in the room. The girls then take care of business, Ken is seen as the hero this week, and Ryuuta feels like a young man again while carrying that red afro of his to work.


Yifei – Puff Girl:

I can’t believe I only discovered this just recently. But apparently Chinese American actress and singer Liu Yifei released a mandarin version of “Mayonaka no Door” — the first closing theme to PPGZ — late last year. You can check out the streaming video below, as well as download the song from this link

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PPGZ Grand Tournament: *still in its planning stages

As mentioned earlier, Moetron will be holding the first ever PPGZ fanart/digital art/AMV/karaoke/fanfic/etc. contest in mid- to late February which will last a good few months after. The one winner who survives the entire tournament will no doubt in my mind be the most talented fan of all, and will be awarded with a ton of PPGZ-related collectibles. As stated above, the whole contest is still in its planning stages. I don’t want to reveal too much now, but I will say this. The entire game will be decided by votes. There will only be a maximum of 64 positions open — not sure if that many people will enter but we’ll see. Registration begins sometime in February. To enter you must be able to do any of the following: draw, design graphics, create music videos, write, or sing. Example: if all you can do is just draw, then that’s perfectly fine. But keep in mind that this is more of a talent contest than anything. So the more talented you are — meaning the more you can do: draw, write, sing — the better your chances are to survive and advance to the next round. Also, since your position is determined by votes, the more creative you are the better. Bottom line: It’s all about impressing voters.

Let’s say “Person 1” has to compete against “Person 2” but “Person 1” can only draw. No problem. The first round is a free-for-all anything goes round. However as the game proceeds, the rounds become more difficult and more specific as new rules are applied.

In the first phase of the game, contestants will have to compete with each other in their own group. There are 8 groups total — 8 contestants in each. Which group you will take part in will be determined at random by the drawing of names being pulled from a hat by a good friend of mine. The second phase of the game will have you competing with winners of other groups. So in total there are 4 rounds, a semi-final, and of course Finals. There will be a separate page on the site dedicated to the whole event, which will detail everything you need to know, including contact information, rules, schedule dates, etc. As far as the prizes are concerned, there will be something for those who finish 2nd and 3rd. However, the one lucky winner who takes home the title of 1st place will win all of the following:

  • Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z Collector’s Edition Vol. I

PPGZ DVD menu screen
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Although not shown, this package will also include the following PPGZ OP/ED singles…

  • Nana Kitade – “Kibou no Kakera” (PPGZ OP I)
  • Hoi Festa – “Jig the Upper” (PPGZ OP II)
  • Yifei – “Mayonaka no Door” (PPGZ ED I)
  • Halcali – “LOOK” (PPGZ ED II)
  • Wiz-US – “Toori Ame” (PPGZ ED III)

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Plus two other mystery prizes… *to be revealed at a later date

  • ??? – Mystery Prize 1
  • ??? – Mystery Prize 2




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[1], [2], [3], [4], [5]
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