出ましたっ!パワパフガールズZ – 33 「Runaway Momoko and Neapolitan!」/ 「Keane’s Sympathy, Mojo’s Affection!」

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Ep33 Commentary:

First half: How dare the other girls treat their leader like that! Not leaving any food for her; placing a big ol’ box of love-letters on Momoko’s side of the table. Unbelievable. But on top of that, no one in the lab even recognizes her as being the leader of the group. Instead, they just see her as another teammate. From there Momoko decides to just take off on her own.

Meanwhile, at a restaurant, a girl argues with her boyfriend about the Italian dish they were just served. Kare’s black spore powder enters the scene and infects the plate of spaghetti she had in her hand. As a result, a spaghetti monster by the name of Napoletano is born. From there Napoletano continued the argument of the so-called “Italian” cuisines being served at the restaurant. He later notices the plate of Spaghetti alla Bolognese (Spaghetti Bolognese) near him — a dish made popular overseas; not in Italy, (I’m not even sure if such a dish even exist there.) But the question here is; where are the real traditional Italian cuisines one expects to find in a restaurant that serves Italian dishes — not these cheap imitations made available in most other countries; i.e. America, Japan, etc. (Sidenote: To a certain extent, there is no one primary/nationally celebrated Italian cuisine. They differ in each of the Italian regions.) From there Napoletano loses control and goes into a rage — why does this all sound so familiar.

Outside, Momoko is seen walking angrily as she reminisces over the fact that her teammates don’t recognize her as being the leader of the group. At that very moment her compact goes off and she thinks everyone is going to beg her to come back. Instead they tell her to hurry and get over to the lab pronto. Momoko then sees this as a way of them admitting how lost and confused they’ll be without the presence of their leader. Kaoru thinks she’s still being selfish again and cancels the signal altogether. Momoko decides never to return to the lab again.

Moments after, Napoletano bumps into Momoko. From there Napoletano shares his story of searching for that faraway place where he rightfully belongs. Momoko was touched by his story, as well as his bravery, and decides she too will search for that place where she belongs — together with Napoletano. Just then Bubbles and Buttercup spot Momoko and try to talk some sense to her, as well as ask why in the world she’s protecting that monster. Momoko defends her new friend, tells them once more that Red is always recognized as the leader of a team — (total sentai otaku), and after makes a run for it with Napoletano by her side.

The debut of Momoko’s image song!
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After making their escape, the two find themselves at Tokyo City’s harbor where they plan to board a cruise liner. Just then Momoko turns around and admires the view of the lab from where she stood. Napoletano pushes her down the stairs, telling her that here is where she really belongs — with her nakama (partners/companions). She agrees and sees him off as he sails away. But to our surprise, an old friend, Ramen Monster, was also aboard the ship.

Second half: Mojo finally builds enough courage to ask out Keane-sensei. He prepares himself by reading and studying a dating guidebook filled with tons of advice. With a nice change of clothes, a fancy car, and plenty of dough on hand, Mojo makes it to the school where he finds Keane-sensei — as to why they had the Rowdyruff Boys’ theme music playing in the background, I don’t know. Anyway, he asks her out and she accepts — go Mojo! You lucky bastard :P

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First they make it to the theaters. Keane asks for two tickets — one adult and one Monkey-san, orz. Once the two were inside and were seated, a love scene came up on the film they were watching. Mojo looks to his dating book for advice and sees that he should slowly reach around and place his arm around her shoulder. But to his surprise, Keane-sensei places both her hands over his eyes — but it was just to prevent him from seeing what was on the screen. Meanwhile, the Powerpuff Z were on the hunt for the two.

At the beach, Mojo, getting the idea from the book he had, decides to splash some water on Ms. Keane. She splashes some back. Right after she tells him to close his eyes. Could this be it? No instead Mojo receives a crab in his hand, which pinches his nose. Later that day, the two eat at some fancy restaurant. Mojo looks to his guidebook again and decides to try his hands on the piano sitting nearby. Keane-sensei then begins to sing along to his broken tune. Once again, the Powerpuff trio were close on his tail.

Using his Mojo Robo, Love-Love model, he takes a blindfolded Ms. Keane up to the top of some tower. Once there he surprises Keane-sensei with a romantic view of the city. Then Mojo presents her with a letter that reads, “I love you, – Mojo.” Keane was impressed on how he was able to write in English — not exactly the response Mojo wanted.

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Once the girls made it to the scene, Keane-sensei explained to them that she was in no harm at all; and that she just spent the day playing with Mojo-san. The girls didn’t know what to make of this. Then Ms. Keane called the Tokyo City Zoo — so cruel, so very cruel. Minutes after, from the depths of Earth, came the arrival of Ms. Keane’s boyfriend, Ueno-kun — this totally sucks for Mojo. From there the zoo people capture Mojo, but not before Ms. Keane handed him a banana. Mojo broke free right after and wanted to forget the whole experience; and just concentrate on what he’s been doing this whole time: plotting to take over the world… — it’s okay my friend. We’ve all been there before :V

Two things: One, the second half deserves my vote for funniest episode of Season 2. Two, the animation ran fluidly throughout the entire half-hour — no “QUALITY” moments whatsoever.


OP II Single:

Last Wednesday, the band Hoi Festa released their latest single titled, “Jig the Upper” — which just happens to be the second opening theme song to the PPGZ series. Unfortunately, the album version of the single is much different from the “anime” version we’re all familiar with. Check it out yourself:

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If you like, you may grab a copy of the new single from the link below, (*special thanks goes to Umi Mizuno)


RAW Episodes:

Once again, providing you all with the latest episode raws — direct download of course…

A torrent is also available, at the moment, for episode 33. Finally, a reminder to check out CupidKirby’s YouTube channel for all-things PPGZ.


DVD Volume V:

Just announced this week… The character chosen to have the theme for Volume 5 of the DVD Collector’s Edition: Ms. Bellum. Titles for this set includes the following:

  • Episode 17 – “Don’t Let The Shutter Chance Slip Away!” / “Fraternal Love! Radio-Wave Monster”
  • Episode 18 – “Monster Tag Battle” Parts I & II
  • Episode 19 – “A Sorrowful Piano Lesson!” / “The Strongest! Keane-sensei”
  • Episode 20 – “Rowdyruff Boys!” Parts I & II

Now let’s do the math. There are 52 total episodes announced for the show. Each collector’s box holds 4 episodes. So that makes 13 box sets altogether. So far the list looks like this:

  • Volume I – Hyper Blossom
  • Volume II – Rolling Bubbles
  • Volume III – Powered Buttercup
  • Volume IV – Mojo Jojo
  • Volume V – Ms. Bellum

So now there are only 8 boxes left. Which character will be lucky enough to have their face displayed on one of the remaining 8? … Maybe Peach? Rowdyruff Boys? Kare (Him)? … or, as I stress out everyday thinking will she or won’t she, Shirogane Himeko (Princess)? …


Comparison Videos:

Last week, Toei debuted what is now understood as the final revised opening 2 video sequence. Let’s take a minute and compare the newly edited one with the original that premiered in January:

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Click here for a better view. Click here to download an HQ copy of the comparison vid.

This shot here here provides an idea of just how many edits were made on the new revised OP sequence — *note: the image is huge.

What some fans may not know is that the third closing sequence was also altered — but not as extensively as the OP:

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But now let’s take it back, way back to the first season opener:

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Soul Calibur III:

“The fighters face a gruesome quest to search for the ultimate sword…”

Hyper Blossom vs. Brick
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“Fate conspired to arrange their battle…”

Rolling Bubbles vs. Mojo Jojo
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“Now two souls are fiercely entangled…”

Powered Buttercup vs. Princess-sama
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(*special thanks to Setsu for the find)




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Episode 34: “The House Where the Ghost Lives?!” Parts I & II
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