「ふしぎ星の☆ふたご姫 Gyu!」 – Episode 52 (Finale)

  • First half: Backbeard The Black Crystal King (voiced by Wakamoto Norio) grows into his final form after having consumed so much energy than it can handle. Ed-chin unfortunately gets eaten while trying to protect Bibin — this is the last we’ll be seeing of him as “Ed-chin” as well :( Fine and Rein, as determined as they are, try to defeat BCK — Bibin, Poomo, PyuPyu and KyuKyu doing the Ganbatta Dance in the background. Meanwhile, while all this is going on, everyone is checking out the action on a huge screen — apparently Elizabert had called out to have cameras take all the extra detailed footage it can so no one would miss a thing…

    As Fine and Rein are running across the field, trying desperately not to get caught my BCK’s tentacles, all while firing those shiny stars, Bibin gets caught and is hung upside-down — she later gets away when her boot comes off — CUTE~! However, Fine and Rein get sucked in by the Black Crystal King after having tripped from all that running around. You see them later appear inside BCK — but why no sign of Ed-chin as well? As to why Chiffon thinks the dire situation everyone’s witnessing is “fushigi fushigi” is beyond comprehension. Also, what’s probably far worse than anything is seeing how Bibin’s character was treated. What was her purpose being there if she was not going to save the day somehow? She didn’t power-up anything or even gain new magic that would be even remotely close to what we’ve seen Fine and Rein gain in the past. This was, for me personally, the most disappointing of the final episode, but more on that later…

    So how is the day going to be saved exactly? With Milro singing “Love Flower” and then followed by Noche, Elizabert, Fango, Lemon, and later everyone else… hahah! The singing powers up the Prominence and allows Fine and Rein to reach their Grand Univeral Princess final form…

    “Subete no Happy o mamoru, Grand Universal Princess!”

    Second half: Cue the opening theme to match the climatic moment! … But what the hell is this!? You dare let those kids mutilate the chorus by letting them sing off-key like that? Good gawd was that awful! And you don’t even let our precious Bibin-sama join in the fun and sing her heart out? Blasphemy!

    Later PyuPyu and KyuKyu also power-up — but it’s not what you think. Instead of maybe evolving into a mature form or whatever, they get freaking shiny heart-shaped halos over their heads >< Anyway, after the angels pierce through the Black Crystal King's protective barrier, and the girls lose consciousness, it seemed that the Crystal King would become victorious in the end, but not so. Instead it floats up in the air, looking more like a giant disco-ball, and explodes -- heart-shaped fireworks and everything...

    Afterwards, everyone gets a scare as they see that Fine and Rein may have lost their “happiness,” but a shower of pink hearts brings them back to their former selves. The next scene however really killed me… Ed-chin is no longer “Ed-chin” but Edward — his normal human painting self. He reunites with his bride Swan and will continue to live a life of happiness with her. But before he leaves he gives his farewell to Bibin ;_; After all the fun these two had throughout the second-half of Gyu, it was very hard for someone like me to see them seperate for good. I’ll certainly never forget the chemistry these two had together…

    Now that the Black Crystal Planet, as well as the Soleil Bell, has been purified, we can say that everything is pretty much concluded in this series. The show ends with no “Churuchuu * Rock!” closing theme, but instead they roll the credits as Elizabert throws a dance party to congratulate everyone on the fine job they did. So who danced with who exactly?…

    • Poomo and the angels, PyuPyu and KyuKyu
    • Fine and Shade
    • Rein and Bright
    • Lemon and Noche
    • Altessa and Auler
    • Calorie and Tauri
    • Solo and Herb
    • Lione and Tio
    • Sophie and Melon
    • Chiffon and Thomas
    • Tanba Rin and Ban Jo
    • Camelot and Omendo
    • Rarau and Yayan
    • Vice Principal and Black Planet Headmistress
    • Truth and Elza
    • Elizabert and Fango! — that made my day :3
    • Hey now what about Bibin and March!!

    And that’s it. Wonder how it would’ve been if BCK won instead? — if so look here. Anyway, no third season announced — maybe an OVA in the future but who knows… Now as far as Bibin is concerned, I still can’t get over how she was treated in the end. At least have her help in some fashion. But no, apparently she wasn’t as important as most thought — which is a real shame because she made the show for a few of us out there — case in point. Sure “Gyu” had it issues of constant fillers, but seeing how well Bibin and Ed-chin worked together made it all that entertaining. Basically what I’m trying to get at is I don’t feel Bibin ever got the respect she truly deserved — as she would say, “mu-ka-tsu-KU”… If this is how the series is going to end then so be it, but I for one will never forget how much fun she made the second half of Gyu. For now I’ll turn it over to a friend who also appreciates her as much as I…

    From Hetdegon:

    “Ah, Bibin. I cannot think of a character with so much screen time and so little popularity. Last time I checked an imageboard there were more pictures of Poomo (the main character’s mascot) than of her. Bibin is the usual antagonist that gives trouble from time to time but deep inside is not bad. This kind of character usually generates some fandom, but in this case she’s been basically left aside while other characters with less interesting development were having much more fandom. In fact, while this kind of character generally saves the day in the final battle, she was just left aside and even lacked a proper scene in the ending sequence; she literally disappears after her last sentence. And of course she doesn’t get a dance scene, not even in the background, like all others. I, personally, liked Bibin quite a bit. Despite being the “bad girl” she was actually a good girl. She was funny and in some emotional moments she was heart-meltingly cute. I cannot really see how she didn’t get any attention from the masses while other characters did.”

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