Burichan! You know, something like this really should have came out during the “Bridget” explosion of a few years back. But better late than never.

Well it appears that Max Factory — designed by the amazing Ken Kawanishi (a.k.a. grimrock) — are about to release this fine, detailed 1/7 PVC (220mm) scaled figure of Guilty Gear’s androgynous fighter Bridget. It will be available March 2008, and retail for around 6,800 yen. But you all know what’s missing right? Roger! The teddy-bear-like entity that springs out of Buri’s yo-yo is no where to be found _| ̄|○ However no worries, as the signature look, (veil, oversize cuff belt, gloves, shoes, etc.) are all still there.

This would make another gaming character that’s on my figure wishlist. The other is Prier (Lu Pucelle).

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