Two big announcements from the AQUAPLUS Festa 2007 event held today in Yokohama…

According to Moonphase Diary and this 2ch thread, the “Utawarerumono” series will include a 3-episode OVA adaptation. The new project is reported to be handled by the same staff responsible for the opening sequence of the “Utawarerumono” PS2 port released in October last year:

More news coming from the AQUAPLUS/Leaf camp…

It’s been decided that a “Tears to Tiara” anime be made. The simulation RPG-style adventure game, originally released in April 2005, have the following staff credits applied to it:

  • Original: AQUAPLUS/Leaf
  • Animation Producer: Iwasa Gaku
  • Director: Kobayashi Tomoki
  • Character Design: Nakata Masahiko
  • Animation Production: OLM TEAM IWASA (Production: WHITE FOX)

Game Opening:

Additional Note:

The OP sequence of the upcoming PS3 port, titled “Tears to Tiara: Kakan no Daichi,” will be done by STUDIO 4℃