Like with episodes 1 and 2, I put together all the most notable scenes that were heavily censored from the TV broadcast. Now I can properly cover the series the way I intended… :3

From DVD Volume 2

Episode 3 mostly deals with Mimi and her issue of being an early bloomer…

In the beginning of the episode, we see Mimi try to hide herself from the rest of the class while they change. Meanwhile Rin is readying some risqué pictures to mail to Daisuke. The pictures get transferred to his phone, and Kuro makes a dash to his office to try to stop him from looking. Lucky for her Daisuke erases the message before even opening it, thinking it’s spam. Still Daisuke receives a kick in the groin from Kuro for the embarrassment.

As the kids were starting gym period, Daisuke notices how Mimi was more developed than your average third grader. In an attempt to maybe find out what he should do about this, he asks Kyoko-sensei for help, but is instead misunderstood.

Later in class, Rin is seen drinking a carton of “ichigo milk” — so cute! Rin then offers Kuro the rest of her drink. Kuro sees this as an opportunity for an indirect kiss. Daisuke later walks in and takes it away. Kuro pleads that you shouldn’t throw away food. Daisuke agrees and drinks the rest himself, causing Kuro to lose her one chance. The result is another kick in the groin area.

While outside, Daisuke tries to analyze the issues his students are having, especially Mimi’s. Rin then comes into the picture, teasing him with a piece of candy in her mouth. She gives it to him and says it has the same sweet taste currently in her own mouth.

Next day Mimi asks Kyoko about her breasts. Kyoko then explains that she shouldn’t worry and that by drinking plenty of milk, they’ll grow to be big and healthy. This causes Mimi to avoid milk during lunch period. Kuro and Rin later suggest that she wear a bra.

As class began once again, Mimi enters the room, only this time wearing a bra that she bought with the money her mom lent her. The boys begin to tease and are later beaten up by Rin and Kuro. Daisuke walks in but sees Mimi pass by him without a greeting.

Having been even more worried than originally, Daisuke asks Rin for some help on the situation. She agrees, but only to receive something in return — and that is a really tight hug. After embracing him right then and there, she explains how yesterday her friends and her already went out to buy the right size bra for Mimi. Daisuke is relieved, and learns that their hearts and bodies grow the same way.

Episode 4 is where the viewer learns of Rin’s personal life…

While in class, Daisuke announces a homework assignment where his students will have to write a composition about their parents. Kuro claims this is an invasion of privacy, mostly in protection of her friend Rin — later explained.

While walking outside, Daisuke overhears Oyajima and Shirai about how useless home visits are these days. Daisuke tries to make his point that there may be parents who wish to talk, but Shirai insists it’s a waste as nothing will come out of it. “What can a teacher do anyway if the child comes from a complex household full of issues” sorta thing.

Even with that meeting, Daisuke still feels a need to learn more about his students. Kyoko suggests to browse through their school records if he’s that interested. So he does, but with doing so he learns of Rin’s divorced father and late mother. That same night, Rin’s guardian Reiji is shocked to find Rin writing a paper about her mother.

Next day Rin turns in her homework, only to write about all the good things about her mother in the present tense. Seeing as her parents are no longer there for her, Daisuke wonders what to do. Later on, Rin asks Daisuke to help practice with the bars. He does but Rin injures herself.

While he bandages her up, Rin notices that Daisuke is acting unusually nicer than before. She likes it and uses this time to have Daisuke carry her to class. While there, Daisuke hands out forms to his students about a pool trip. When he hands one to Rin, he accidentally lets it slip that he knows of Rin’s parents.

While at the pool, Daisuke confronts Rin in an attempt to hopefully apologize. However Rin passes by him, expressing how foolish she was to think Daisuke’s kindness was without reason — not because he felt pity. From her on Rin continuously avoids him at school.

Not knowing what to do next, Daisuke asks Kuro and Mimi for advice. Kuro agrees, only after Daisuke tells her that it’s not for him but for Rin. What Kuro does then is tell him that it’s not because of her parents that she’s hurt — it’s really because Rin is in love with him, but Kuro doesn’t tell this part to Daisuke. She runs away after to go embrace Rin.

Here is where the story finally gets really interesting — Daisuke’s first meeting with Reiji. He stops by Rin’s house and is allowed in. As the two sit down, Reiji explains the entire situation to him.

Reiji is Rin’s mother’s cousin. Apparently Rin’s mother is who took in Reiji when his parents passed away four years ago due to an accident. At that time, Rin’s mother just got a divorce. This story only left Daisuke with so many questions. Rin lives alone with a young man? But Reiji warns Daisuke to be careful of his situation with Rin. Later Rin walks in and is surprised to see her sensei there. However, seeing how Rin gets along with Reiji afterwards, Daisuke leaves with some assurance. That night, Reiji tells Rin that her sensei really cares about her, otherwise he wouldn’t have come all this way to visit. Walking home, Daisuke still can’t shake this feeling of uneasiness.

In school the next morning, Daisuke finds Rin as he’s walking up the stairs. Rin questions her sensei about why he’s so worried about her. He replies that she’s very important to him. In return, Rin steals his first kiss.

So as the show progresses, you start to notice how well developed the story will become, especially when the drama aspect starts coming into play.

After episode 4 is where I finally gave up watching the rest of the series while it was being broadcast on TV, due to its censorship massacre. For some these edits may not have seem like a big deal, but for those who’ve read the original manga it was. Anyway, I’ll now need to catch the TV-edited version of later episodes, to put together the next set of DVD uncut scenes in February…


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