According to Moonphase Diary, an animated feature Trigun film is currently in production…

The temporary titled film, “TRIGUN THE MOVIE,” is expected to premiere sometime in Spring 2010 April 26th. The news was actually revealed on a promotional jacket cover from volume 14 of the “Trigun Maximum” manga — with the tagline, “Vash vs. Wolfwood!? The familiar members explode on screen in this complete original story!.” Founder of Studio Madhouse, Masao Maruyama, first confirmed of such a project being made back in the Fall of 2005, but stated it would take a few years to be produced.

*Staff Info:

  • Original Story: Nightow Yasuhiro / Nishimura Satoshi
  • Director: Nishimura Satoshi (Trigun TV, Tenchi Universe, Cardcaptor Sakura)
  • Script: Kobayashi Yasuko (Witchblade, Shakugan no Shana, Galaxy Angel)
  • Character Designer: Yoshimatsu Takahiro (Trigun TV, Ninja Scroll TV, Black Cat)
  • Animation Production: Madhouse