Last week volume 3 of the Kojika DVD series was released. It included both episodes 5 and 6 — as well as a clean OP and ED bonus. This set of episodes only had around four notable scenes that were heavily censored from the television broadcast. (The fourth scene can be found from the second video below.)

From DVD Volume 3

*Episode 5 Summary:

Summer vacation is right around the corner and all the kids from Daisuke’s class cannot wait. That is, all except for Rin, who will be missing him throughout the season. But before then she tries now to spend as much time with him as possible by grabbing his every attention, mostly through her usual teasing antics. Daisuke however is much too busy with his own work to pay any mind. Later he expresses his thoughts and opinions in the faculty room with the other teachers, but Shirai-sensei contradicts his actions. Kyoko begins to realize how much Daisuke has matured in his position and realizes her feelings for him have become stronger.

While walking through the hallway, Daisuke meets up with Rin who refuses to go to class. Right then she tells him that she will be upset seeing as she won’t be able to meet up with him during the summer. Daisuke comforts her saying that no she will still be able to see him anytime since he’ll be at the school. Feeling better Rin shows him a handstand.

Daisuke then bids farewell to all his students as they are off for the summer — Rin does however make a threatening comment to him about not “cheating” on her in the meantime. Later, Kuro, Mimi, and Rin all seem delighted to spend some of their vacation days together. But in reality, Rin wants to see Daisuke and counts all the days on her calender until she can again. Reiji feels sorry for not having the time to take Rin out, but Rin doesn’t mind. Reiji realizes she may just be hiding her true emotions.

At the school’s pool site, a two-piece bikini wearing Kyoko meets up with Daisuke, but is left having to change since Rin and the other school kids arrive in their school swimsuits. Seeing as how the situation might be between Daisuke and Kyoko, Rin continues to be bitter over Daisuke.

When her friends Kuro and Mimi are off seeing family, Rin is left home alone. It’s then that she decides to visit the school. As she makes it on the school grounds, she discovers both Daisuke and Kyoko in a cozy conversation where Kyoko was about to ask him to see the fireworks with her. Rin tosses a chalk stick at his head from above to grab his attention. It’s then he goes off chasing her, but ends up being teased as usual. Elsewhere, Kuro and Mimi are both looking for Rin for the fireworks show but don’t succeed in doing so.

Daisuke then wonders why Rin took the time to come and visit him. She answers because he told her she can anytime. Just then the two find themselves inside the pool still with their clothing on. Rin then attempts to get close enough to embrace him, all while fireworks are lighting the sky from a distance. A shocked Kyoko comes in and finds the two in the pool. Rin then holds Daisuke tighter and tries to make Kyoko jealous. Afterwards, Daisuke brings Rin home where she left a note for Reiji telling him she would be spending time with her sensei. Next day Daisuke finds the three girls in bikinis on the school grounds.


*Episode 6 Summary:

Not having shed a single tear since his parents’ death, Reiji looks to the future with his “beloved daughter,” but also reflects back to his troubled childhood.

He had a past filled with violence and neglect from an abusive father who was an alcoholic. He offered to take a part-time job and help pay their way through life with his mother as long as she’d divorce him. She wouldn’t however. He thought maybe she was staying with his abusive father for his sake. That unfortunately proved to be wrong. It was then that he wished for both his parents to die. That same wish did come true in the end.

A young Reiji was sent to Tokyo to live with his relative Aki and her daughter Rin. Then one night Reiji questioned Aki about why she chose to have a child without marriage. He thought Aki did it because she felt it would be easier to marry. Of course the truth was the guy she was with asked her to abort Rin. The answer came as a shock, and Reiji started to question himself on how life would’ve been if his own mother was like Aki and ran away with him. That same night we learn that he didn’t want to hate his mother, but given the circumstance, what choice did he have. He spent that night in his room crying. But out of nowhere, “child” Rin opens the door to his bedroom, finds him crying his eyes out, and walks over and comforts him in her arms. From this point his attitude completely changes while living in the new household.

The next morning, Aki discovers that Rin spent the night in Reiji’s room, asking what “magic” did he use since she’s usually shy around others. Since then Aki has been asking Reiji to take some of the responsibility of raising Rin, such as picking her up from school, bathing her, and such. As the days went by, Aki finally decided to ask Reiji if he would be interested in adopting Rin, since it would be easier for him to get a job if he was listed as a parent. Reiji rejected the offer because he wouldn’t be able to marry her.

Reiji then came home one day to announce that he received an unofficial offer at an accounting office, which would allow him time to study while he tries to get qualified. This would allow him to earn a salary. He brought the news to an ill Aki in bed with her daughter. It was at this moment where he made his feelings for her quite clear.

At the hospital, Aki was told the news that she had a malignant tumor that had spread throughout her lungs — she’d been diagnosed with stage two lung cancer. A day after Reiji continues to help out the family with their financial needs by giving away his bonuses. As time passed on, the family spent a lot of time together without Reiji knowing of Aki’s health issue. Then one day after a trip to the beach, Aki asks Reiji to always protect Rin. Reiji responds by saying not only will he protect Rin, but her as well.

The news of Aki’s cancer was finally revealed to Reiji, as she laid in a hospital bed. It was there where she would remain for treatment. A depressed Reiji walked home from the hospital one afternoon feeling he had finally become an adult where he could protect the ones he loved. But now he felt powerless as Aki’s conditioned worsen. On another day, as Rin was holding Reiji’s hand, she asked him if her mother was going to die. Reiji held her saying she’ll survive this no matter what. After two months, Aki’s tumor mark hadn’t dropped at all. She would then return home from the hospital.

Rin continued to make paper cranes at home, believing that if she would fold a thousand of them, her mother’s sickness would be cured. One night, covered in paper cranes with Rin next to her in bed, Aki had passed away, leaving a note that apologized for her dieing…

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