Volume 4 of the Kojika DVD release contains episodes 7 and 8 uncut. There were a good amount of scenes heavily censored from the television broadcast this time around. But as previously done, I’ve compiled a video showing those exact scenes and dialogue unedited, although I may have forgotten to include one in particular

From DVD Volume 4

*Episode 7 Summary:

The opening scene of this episode starts off with Rin practicing, in front of a mirror, how to seductively grab her sensei’s attention. She also uses her stuffed bear for aid — and why not. Meanwhile in their office, Kyoko talks to Daisuke about the upcoming school trip. Daisuke however sees how troublesome the whole experience will be dealing with rowdy kids. Kyoko tries to assure him that it will be all right in the end, as long as they keep these children continuously busy.

The students get all ready to depart, as well as Mimi, Kuro, and Rin — although Kuro and Rin may be traveling along with some devilish intentions. While on the train, Rin clings on to her sensei, and begins teasing him down below — like a scene from an ero manga almost. Daisuke, being the sexual harrassed victim, demands her to stop, but instead is called a “molester” by Kuro and the rest of the class. The other passengers on board complain. Daisuke then begins to question himself of how it would be if he had taken another occupation.

The class finally reach their destination and begin to listen to instructions from the other teachers. Rin notices her sensei looking over his notes and smiles. Later the class begins to walk down a mountain path, but Kuro, Rin, and Mimi are scolded for lagging behind. As the two run away, Mimi embarrassingly tells her sensei that she needs to go number one, but the nearest bathroom is way up on top. She had no choice but to use the bushes nearby. Mimi wanted to make sure that her sensei wouldn’t watch or hear her going. But just then Daisuke noticed they were late, and grabbed hold of Mimi and dashed to the top — taking along with him the other two.

Later that day, luggage arrived for Kuro containing a sleeping unit, baby doll, supply of body lotion, aroma rolls, electric toothbrush, and nail cleaner. Daisuke asks for the luggage to be returned by the deliverer. Nightfall approached, and Daisuke finally had time to spend alone, until Kyoko showed up. She was asked for her opinion on how it would be if he instead was a salary man, but was only able to notice his gaze.

Hot springs scene led to the girls sneaking into the Men’s bath. Daisuke discovers the three and they make a run for it quick. However Mimi, after slipping, gets a good look at Daisuke’s package as his towel falls off — poor girl is growing up too fast.

Kuro notices something is up as Rin was too busy to notice the sleeping wear she was showing off in their cabin. While Rin runs off to the bathroom, Daisuke is checking up on all the other students. When he gets to Mimi, Kuro, and Rin’s cabin, Kuro is there to have sensei take responsibility for putting her to sleep, since she doesn’t have her pillow she always uses thanks to him. He sings her to sleep.

Back in his own cabin, Daisuke finds Rin in his bed under the sheets. A knock on the door comes and it’s Kuro. Once she leaves the scene, Rin continues to tease him while wearing nightwear inappropriate for someone her age.

That morning Kuro comes to find Mimi, Kuro, Rin, and Daisuke completely exhausted. They soon all end up sleeping together under a tree. When awaken, Daisuke gets accused of having a wet dream by Rin and Kuro, when it was really Rin’s drool.


*Episode 8 Summary:

Reiji is asked by Rin to pick one of two outfits. He picks the T-shirt and shorts instead of the tanktop and mini-skirt. So then Rin chooses the opposite. At the school’s entrance, Daisuke and Shirai are there to greet the students. All of a sudden Rin leaps into Daisuke’s arms right in front of the very conservative Shirai and is scolded later. She believes “skinship” should be non-existent between teacher and student. Or else they’ll be accused of sexual harassment.

While walking down the hallway, Daisuke notices how Shirai is more stricter than usual. Kyoko explains it’s because Nogi-sensei is visiting — a teacher at the school until last year. Apparently Shirai thinks of her as a rival.

Rin attempts to get her sensei to pay attention to her, by holding him and offering a peek at her lace panties. But this time Daisuke tries to ignore her. When she asks him to hold her up in his lap — so cute! — he doesn’t respond. Neither does taking his hand to her chest. So she does something even more daring by nearing his crotch with her hand and accusing him of having an erection. Daisuke blushes like crazy, Rin laughs hysterically, and Kuro urges Rin to wash her hand as what she just touched is filthy. Mimi however is shocked and confused over how that area of a man can get bigger. Daisuke makes it clear to Rin that she shouldn’t cling on to her sensei. Rin angerily walks away.

It was then that Rin noticed how if she was a boy it would be okay to play with her sensei all she wants. Later, Kuro and Mimi meet at Rin’s house only to be greeted by Rin dressed as a boy. She called Kuro to show her some makeup to make her even more convincing. Later Kuro began to have flashbacks of how Rin used to be her “doll.”

At a more younger age, Kuro used to believe no one in class could match her beauty. But when Rin arrived, and the whole class made a fuss over how she looked like a real-life doll. The problem was this new girl had no expression on her face. She sat as a mute in her chair, only to have the kids make fun of her. Kuro saw this as an opportunity to manipulate her. However she didn’t react to non of her actions.

Kuro came to the defense of Rin as a ball knocked her to the ground. The kids who threw it thought it would be a waste to try to apologize. One kid even thought that the reason she lost her voice was because her mother died.

Later Kuro began to apply makeup to her new “doll.” She then wanted to try out a new dress she had for her. But as soon as she began to unzip her from the back, Rin began to cry. This was the first time they heard her speak. The dress she was wearing was handmade by her mom.

Daisuke was greeted my Nogi-sensei, who talked to him about how children are always very lonely and how teachers should embrace their hearts and surroundings.

At school, Rin does her reverse-trap transformation and heads off to the playground to see sensei. It’s there that Daisuke chases Rin-kun, grabs her by her chest area, pats her on the butt, and attempts to pull off his/her shirt as a result after falling in the mud. Rin-kun screams and runs away. But thanks to Kyoko finding a long hair strand, Daisuke discovers it was really Rin dressed up as a boy.

Daisuke confronts Rin and asks why she would do something like this. Attempting to apologize, Daisuke kneels to the ground and allows Rin to punish him in any way she desires. In exchange, everything would return back to normal the next day. Instead of a kiss, she ends up slapping him in the face hard and immediately breaks out into tears after, asking her sensei to never ignore her again. She continues to cry in his arms. Later Reiji finds Rin asleep as he arrives home and notices she’s been crying. This reminded him of the time when she lost her voice. Reiji then promised himself that he would not yet leave her alone. However Rin began to get closer to his arms, dreaming of being embraced by her sensei.


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