Lots of news, all from a variety of sources, but mostly from the June edition of Newtype magazine…

  • Details on the new season of Haruhi will be revealed in the July issue of Newtype magazine, (teaser image above.)
  • The Lucky☆Star OVA is slated for a summer release and will be produced by Kyoto Animation. Story revolves around Konata and the Animate store manager.
  • The Higurashi OVA is indeed titled, “Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei,” and is slated for a winter release. It will be composed of 3 episodes. [Official website].
  • New Slayers REVOLUTION anime project is scheduled for a July broadcast on TV Tokyo in the time zone between 25:00 and 27:00. In addition, a new character named “Pocota” has been revealed, (image below), who may appear in the upcoming manga with the same title. This character is said to have cast a Dragon Slave using the Sword of Light.
  • Sylpiel and Prince Phil is reported to appear in Slayers REVOLUTION. The story takes place at the time when Lina and Gourry start a new journey to look for Gourry’s new sword with the power of magic.

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