Playing catch-up, here’s a summary and some screencaps from the 5th DVD volume of “Kojika.” All notable scenes that have been heavily censored from the television broadcast can now be viewed completely uncut from the video below.

Just one more volume left. Hope the new season kicks off soon…

From DVD Volume 5

*Episode 9 Summary:

Things start off with Kuro and Rin teasing Mimi, with their sensei wondering where they got the icy snack they were drinking. Daisuke begins to wonder whether he’s been too soft with his class. Shirai mentions the situation where the kids are going out during recess or during class time. It’s the duty of the teacher to keep them all under careful watch. From then on, Daisuke decides to be more strict, but in doing so Rin becomes annoyed. She runs after him to say not to involve the others because of her. Kyoko arrives and Rin is sent back to class, but not without first hearing that the two will be meeting at a family restaurant. Kyoko also confirms she’s not involved with anyone to Daisuke when the subject comes up.

Rin returns home and finds Reiji cooking dinner. She then asks him if they can go to a family restaurant. But Reiji is already preparing their meal. Meanwhile, at the restaurant, Kyoko and Daisuke are having their meeting. However Daisuke isn’t feeling all too good. He may be coming down with a cold. At home, Rin looks at her self in the mirror unsatisfied and is self-conscious about her body.

Next day at school, Rin proposes they play tag while she’s just hanging outside a high story window. She manages to get the rowdy class to run amuck across the hallway. She then asks her sensei if next time he’ll take her to a family restaurant. He declines and Rin slides down the building to escape. Afterwards, a meeting is setup to discuss the situation with Rin’s guardian Reiji. However he suggests it’s the homeroom teacher that’s to blame. As the day progress, Daisuke’s condition worsens.

Now with Daisuke at home with a cold, Shirai-sensei takes over his class. She makes it known that all disruptive activity will be reported to their parents and points will be deducted for not doing their work properly. Also all games, cellphones, and manga will be confiscated. Kuro is impressed by the display she just witnessed. Later on, the boys in the class begin to place blame on Rin for sensei’s absence. Rin runs out and is convinced by her friends to go and visit their sensei.

At Daisuke’s place, the girls find the filthy condition their sensei was living in and begin to clean up. As they begin to have a meal of potato chips, Kuro finds that they’ve forgotten the avocado dip. So she forces Mimi to go out to buy some with her, allowing Rin to be alone with sensei.

Daisuke falls asleep, and Rin begins to rub his stomach and recites the words, “pain, pain, fly away,” over and over again. Daisuke laughs over the fact she really is a kid at heart, even though she sometimes doesn’t act like it. Then Kyoko rudely interrupts the cute scene arrives at Daisuke’s apartment. She prepares a meal using the snacks the kids brought with them. Afterwards, Kyoko decides to take responsibility of bringing the kids home. Rin becomes agitated by the low statement.

Daisuke finally returns to school and is warmly greeted by his class. Rin however is still thinking about how everyone just sees her as a mere “child.” After school, Houin-sensei is standing right near the edge of the stairwell and Rin see the opportunity to push her over. DO IT!


*Episode 10 Summary:

Here Rin decides not to push Houin-sensei over the stairwell. Next day, Kuro shows off her latest dress. Their sensei describes it as a Japanese doll in French doll clothing. He gets kicked in the groin after. Next scene, Daisuke asks Mimi to get a library card for him. He then makes his way to the teacher’s faculty room. There Oyajima talks about how you can learn a lot about the parents just by observing the child’s clothing.

Daisuke is later greeted by a Rin in Mimi clothing. She tells him that they’ve all switched clothes. There she tells him, “I love you.” But the dense virgin Daisuke just laughs and tells her she’ll have to work hard for what is given. Rin runs away in disappointment. She meets up with Kuro and Mimi and sadly expresses how sensei only sees her as a mere child. On the way home, the trio bumps into Reiji who takes Rin to a family restaurant. There the waitress suggest a ‘child size’ ice cream dessert when asked. Rin loses her appetite.

Next day during a solar eclipse viewing, Rin injures herself after bumping into some boy. Daisuke takes her into the infirmary. As Rins begins to slowly pull down her kneesock and allow her sensei to apply a spray on her wound, she raises her knee and suggests it would heal better if he’d lick it >< She then asks if next Sunday he would go out on a date with her. He asks how would a child know what a date is even. Frustrated she gets up and asks to pull on the ribbon on her side. Thinking it's just a skirt decoration, he pulls it and receives an unexpected surprise. Now Rin asks even with that, does he still view her as a mere child? If he doesn't answer, she'll call Reiji and report what her sensei just did. Then Daisuke begins to recall how you can learn a lot about parents from the child's clothing. He thinks the reason she behaves the way she does is because Reiji sees Rin as a "woman" rather than a kid. Rin then pulls up her skirt and tells her sensei since he only sees her as a child, it should be fine to look. She bites his ear after. Inside the faculty room next day, Kuro and Mimi question Daisuke about why Rin has been down lately. Daisuke can't give a reason and ends up raising his voice, scaring Mimi and reminding her of her previous teacher. Later after Daisuke and Kyoko go out for drinks, Daisuke realizes he may not have been as flustered towards Rin if only he had more experience with women. All of a sudden a phone call comes in and it's from Rin. Daisukes rushes off, only to find it's a false alarm. Without saying a word he leaves. He begins to question why he couldn't get angry. Truth is he now fears Rin. Rin however expresses her gladness that he actually came with tears. At school, Rin is seen by herself at the stairwell and is met with Kyoko. She asked what's wrong and Rin responds by asking, "how can you make someone like you?" She answers, "by being nice to them, they'll eventually grow to like you." Rin then makes her way to her classroom, and finds a sleeping Daisuke. The scene ends with her putting a coat on him and leaving silently. [gallery=21]

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