Coengar2 lumbers out of the secret manga cave and sends out a review about a two volume series about mistaken identities and a lot of butt kicking.

Title: Murder Princess
Author: Sekihiko Inui
Publisher: Broccoli Books
Genre: Action, Fantasy
Age: Teens 13+
Volumes: 2
Violence: Fantasy swordplay, rather mild
Sex/Nudity: None
Status: Apparently a finished series, All volumes published

The Kingdom of Forland is a place of peace and prosperity where a kind and generous king has long led the realm. However the royal family has recently been murdered in a coup led by a ruthless crime lord leaving only Princcess Alita and her long missing brother as the last of the royal line. While the evil Dr. Akamashi and his loyal moe androids try to secure thieer control over Forland, Alita flees to try and find her brother to help reclaim the throne. However Alita suffers an accident which causes her to trade souls with a ruthless bounty hunter named Falis. Now Falis must pose as the princess and try to thwart the evil Doctor’s plans to seize the throne. Falis it should be noted has a bad temper and is very good with her sword unlike Alita who tends to be more reserved and diplomatic.

Good Points: Good artwork, a nice storyline with several moments of dark humor.

Bad Points: Not many although the evil andoids come across as a bit to moe to be taken seriously.

Overall Review: All in all a surprisingly enjoyable series considering i am well past the target audience age. It was humorous and held my interest through the entire series and really who could ask for more from a manga. It’s not a manga classic but it certainly is worth adding to your collection and is time well spent when reading it.

Coengar2 says CHECK IT OUT!