It’s Jason and I’ll be posting One Piece episode reviews. I’ve decided to go ahead and review episode 366 based on Nakama-FanSub’s release instead of waiting for Instantz, Here’s the episode review for 366.

More...Episode Description: Perona has woken up after she has a nightmare about cockroaches and a giant Usopp crushing her with his hammer. Nami’s also finally awoken just before Absalom gives her a smooch and the cermony is then interrupted when Lola falls through the ceiling and saves Nami by pretending to attack her. Most of this episode is focused on Nami, Lola and the defeat of Absalom.

Good Points: The plot of Thriller Bark seems to be building up to an end with the defeat of Absalom.

Bad Points: There’s a scene near the end of the episode where there’s a repeated part, The scene was where Lola was attacking Nami and about their friendship, which was repeated twice in the same episode. I don’t like watching a scene which I just saw a few minutes before in the same episode.

Overall Review: I found this episode quite important to the whole Thriller Bark Arc as it shows the possible defeat of Absalom and how Nami finally wakes up. Of course this episode has plenty of comedy elements as to be expected from the works of Eiichiro Oda but I found Perona reviving from her defeat quite annoying because it gives a hint that she might do something to stop the Straw Hats from getting back their shadows. She should just die already, even though I find her cute.

366 Shots

The scene I liked the most was when Perona had that nightmare about cockroaches and Usopp with his 5 tonne hammer.

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