This episode was probably the funniest so far in Thriller Bark arc for me due to the Super Sentai parody. If you haven’t seen One Piece, You should try it! Here’s the review and episode description for episode 367 of One Piece.

Episode description: The members of the Straw Hat crew without Nami and Luffy decide to take on Oz, Although it seems as though it’s going to be tough, The crew tries different ways to take down Oz. Nothing seems to work until Franky decides to resort to their ‘Best combined strength’, But fails miserably when Robin didn’t join in the ‘Megazord’ parody called Tactics 15 due to the embarrassment of it. After trying that without success, They manage to take Oz down with teamwork by immobilizing him.

Good Points: It has to be the hilarious Megazord parody from Super Sentai. The other good point is that the main fighting against Oz has started.

Bad Points: Luffy is still chasing Moria, When will that guy ever be caught and beaten up!?

Overall Review: I found this episode awesome with my obsession with the Megazord from the Super Sentai series. Although I have a tad sympathy for Absalom as he’s now got Lola kissing him, I’m glad Nami finally gets out of the ceremony but she also finds out that the treasure has disappeared. I thought the two zombie animals that find Nami in the room where the treasure was at were cute. Perona is going to escape with the treasure and Thousand Sunny which I found uncool but Kuma, a Shichibukai member shows up so I bet she’s going to get beat up to a pulp by him.

Here’s also the screen shots of the transformation – “Pirate’s Docking Six“.

Transformation Sequence

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