According to Moonphase Diary and the official 「Kodomo no Jikan」 website, the LE sixth volume of the Kojika manga will be bundled with a 25-minute episode; based on the “Kagami Kuro (Kuro-chan) × Shirai-sensei (Shiro-chan)” storyline — to be released January 21st. The OP and ED of the new 「Kodomo no Jikan Second Term」 series will also be featured…

Kodomo no Jikan Second Term」 will be a 3-part OVA series focusing on the events of the fourth grade. Volume I of the new sequel is scheduled for release February 20th.

Volume I Extras:

  • Special CD “Outa no Jikan”
  • Rin’s Very Secret Diary – 8 pages
  • Box illustration by original author Watashiya Kaworu
  • Credit-less OP/ED
  • CM collection
  • Audio Commentary
    • OVA Release Schedule:

      • Volume 1 – February 20th, 2009 (55-minutes; 6,300 yen)
      • Volume 2 – April 24th, 2009
      • Volume 3 – June 26th, 2009

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