Original artist: yajima

Today it was revealed on Crypton’s official blog that CV03 (character voice) will indeed be performed by seiyuu/singer Asakawa Yuu (*Motoko of “Love Hina,” Sakaki of “Azumanga Daioh”). It was believed by many that she would be the voice base due to her affiliation with Arts Vision

Also revealed is part of CV03’s kanji name/logo — derived from the word “meguri” (巡り). Considering how the new idol sings in both Japanese and English, the concept revolves around bridging the gap between cultures. Personally I’m very glad to have Yuu part of the Vocaloid world. Her voice is just so cool and awesome and I just know it’s going to suit CV03 perfectly when she arrives later this month. Now I can say I’m even more excited than I was a few weeks ago!