Original artist: Amane Takashi

According to the March issue of Dengeki Maoh, a special DVD bonus will be bundled with Dengeki Bunko Visual Novel:「Ōkami to Kin no Mugiho」book– slated for release April 30th. This new OVA, entitled「Ōkami to Kohaku-iro no Yuuutsu / Wolf and Amber Melancholy」, is considered to be “episode 0” of the upcoming「Spice and Wolf II」TV series and will not be aired for broadcast. Running time: 24 minutes.

To clear any confusion later, Dengeki Bunko’s usage of the word “visual novel” does not apply to novels for the PC. Instead it’s just for regular text novels with illustrations. 「Kino’s Journey」and「Shinigami no Ballad」 are just two “visual novel” examples released previously from Dengeki Bunko.

*Note: at this time there is no official broadcast date set for the「Spice and Wolf II」TV series.

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