According to the CM for the March issue of Newtype magazine, the launch of the new Haruhi TV series will begin in April. Staff interviews and other additional details will be made available when the magazine officially goes on sale February 10th.

[UPDATE 02.04.2009] – According to J-Cast News, the month of April that many of us believed to be the premiere month of the new second series is actually a re-airing of the first series.

In the interview, Kadokawa Shoten Animation clarifies what many sources reported as the new TV series premiere month. The magazine cover writes that the Haruhi TV anime will be starting in April. It doesn’t say that it’s a “re-broadcast” of the first. So it’s easy to see why the news of a second series April debut became so widespread. But why even bother writing that on the cover in the first place if it’s not related to the new series? Are we suppose to be excited about a rerun telecast? Plus, we were told back in January that the March issue will have “big news” regarding the Haruhi franchise. Anyway, re-airing the first season right before the new series in 2009 could still happen. But personally I’m not holding my breath anymore. I can understand why now other bloggers are fed up with KyoAni mistreating the Haruhi crowd as they have. If anything, they should at this point just tell us exactly when the new series will start to make up for misleading so many. But such a thing is wishful thinking.

*Note: there was a reason why when I first wrote the news article added a question mark in the title. Never felt comfortable just making the statement since we were talking about KyoAni.


*Newtype CM:

[flv:/flashvids/haruharu.flv 500 360]

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