The official website to Kiddy Grade announced today the spin-off series,「Kiddy Girl-and」. Story takes place in Star Calender year 0379 and features galactic government (GTO) members Ascule, who’s bright and cheerful, and Que Feuilles, who’s a little more serious. Staff info after the jump…

In addition, a manga version of the series,「Kiddy Girl-and Pure」, will begin serialization in the May issue of Comptiq Ace magazine — on sale March 26th.

*Staff Credits:

  • Series Production: gimik (*Kiddy Grade, Uta∽Kata)
  • Series Director: Gotoh Keiji (*Kiddy Grade, Uta∽Kata)
  • Character Designer: Kadonosono Megumi (*Kiddy Grade, Uta∽Kata)
  • Series Composition: Kimura Hidefumi (*Kiddy Grade)
  • Animation Production: Satelight (*Shugo Chara!, Macross F)


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