Original artist: niritsu

第02話 「楽器!」

*Quick Thoughts:

Episode 2 was all about Yui and being able to afford a guiter for the light music club. It started off nice, with Yui’s impressions on the other three girls. Bassist Mio, who is described as the cool type by her, is asked why she decided to play the bass and not the guitar. It’s because she’d be embarrassed since the guitarist is usually the center of the attention from the audience. Even just thinking about being one would make her faint.

Keyboardist Tsumugi, who is described as the quiet yet cute type, learned to play the piano from a young age. Also the tea cups and tableware found in the club room were brought straight from her house — so the rich/ojousama type.

Drummer Ritsu, who is described as the energetic type by Yui, has no real reason for why she chose to play drums, besides thinking it’s cool. But when it comes to playing the other instruments such as guitar, bass, or keyboard, she imagines how they require such small, cramped finger movements, and this greatly bothers her — as figured.

The next issue is getting Yui’s guitar. They don’t come cheap. Too bad it can’t come out of the club’s funds.

But after getting some part-time jobs, and receiving a discount by the store clerk when he realized Tsumugi was the manager’s daughter by the thickness of her eyebrows, Yui was finally able to get the “cute” guitar she so wanted. She loved it so much she even slept with it next to her in bed.

Nice episode — liked it a lot more than last week’s. Poor Yui not being warned earlier about the feedback from the amp. By the way, have I mentioned how obsessed I am with the ending? There should be a full music video for it, seriously.

*Episode Two in 36-seconds: