The two have fought well, but in the end, only one can claim victory…

Championship Matchup – Results:

  • 1位 1332票 Taiga Aisaka @ Toradora!
  • 2位 1278票 Yui Hirasawa @ K-ON!

Congratulations Taiga! Winner of Anime Saimoe Tournament 2009. And just who did I pick to win one year ago you ask? Anyway, its been fun. Hope you all enjoyed our coverage of the event. Even if Yui didn’t win, I’m still very much satisfied with the results. Will we cover the madness again next year? Hmm, more than likely. But who cares. Today is all about Taiga and Toradora fans. I think what I’ll remember the most about this year’s contest was Mio of K-ON being eliminated in the first round. I don’t think anyone could’ve predicted that. Plus there were 34 contestants instead of 32 in the third round because of all the draws. It really was a fun ride to say the least. Well, until next year. In the meantime, continue to enjoy the current Fall season…


2009 Character Intro PV:

Mina Tepes for Saimoe 2010!


Saimoe ’09 – Finale

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