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第01話 「キルミン・フォーゼ、しちゃった!? 」
第02話 「わたしがイヌって……ホント!? 」

Yes the OP and ED are both in Thai. Yes the full song is being played on a loop on my computer as I write this. And yes I find it even cuter than the Cookin’ Idol OP

*Opening Sequence:



*Closing Sequence:



*Random Thoughts:

Anyamal Detective KiruminZoo」 is the latest project from mech designer/creator Kawamori Shouji; (Basquash, Macross F, Escaflowne). The series is produced by Satelight, Hal Film Maker, and JM Animation studios. It stars the three Mikogami sisters who, with the power of mysterious compact devices found in their grandfather’s attic, transform into their animal counterparts.

Riko and Rimu are both 5th graders who are always seen together. Although Riko is bright, positive, and brimming over with curiosity, she’s a bit mischievous and loves playing tricks on others. Rimu, the meganeko, is the type who enjoys reading fantasy literature and indulges herself in her dreams. She’s also quite skillful at knitting and handcrafts. Then there’s the eldest sister in 8th grade Nagisa. She acts very motherly towards her younger sisters as you might have guessed.

Riko and Rimu also have two male classmates that are often seen with them. Ken is your always-energetic type of kid who doesn’t like to lose. Tamao would be your computer and mecha hobbyist. More will be known about these two in later episodes.

Now the one character that most people will focus on is the blond-haired shoujo Canon. As you may have heard, she is being voiced by the once retired actress Tange Sakura; (Cardcaptor Sakura, Love Plus). Not much can be said about her at the moment; except that she just recently transferred to Riko and Rimu’s elementary school and is originally from a place called Vladonia. Go figure.

So turning our attention to the henshin side of the series, Riko can transform herself into a kitten. Rimu would be a bunny, while Nagisa a dog. They do this by first registering their compacts — iris and voice registration required. Once done they need to call out “kirumin” for the Kiruminphose sequence to begin. The result is animal cosplay with related behavior and ability. Riko is agile, Rimu can jump high, and Nagisa has a strong sense of smell. But take note, this is only the first mode. The second is being able to turn into actual animals. How all this will be of use when the girls actually begin their detective work in the future remains to be seen.

For those who are curious as to how the girls cancel their Kiruminphose, well believe it or not, they have to call out “nugumin” (nugu 脱ぐ = to take off “one’s clothes”) for it to be done. Makes you think what audience this show is targeted at :3

*Screencaps – Episode 1:

*Screencaps – Episode 2:

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