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第02話 「整頓!」

Time to buy an effector:

Why does Azu-nyan change her socks so much in a single day??:



ED animation error spotted! Ritsu has a right hand on her left arm:

More reason to love Yui:

Next time I’m in need of a cordless drill driver, I’ll know which model to buy:


Time to tidy up the club room. This week’s episode was about selling Sawako’s old 1964 Gibson SG (Special Cherry Red) and using the money to raise club funds — despite the mold found on it. Little do the girls know the value of such a vintage guitar. So it came as a shock when they learned it was worth 500,000 JPY (around $5,367 USD).

All the girls — except for Mugi who was more giddy shopping at a home center depot with “commoners” — gave into their greedy temptations of what they would do with the money. Ritsu’s plan was to divide the money among the five girls — 100,000 yen each. Later when Sawako enters the club room asking about her guitar, Ritsu would tell her that the Gibson only sold for 10,000 yen — that’s so wrong! Sawa-chan, being clueless to what her guitar is really worth, accepted her word but still needed to see the receipt herself to have a record of their club funds. A desperate Ritsu was left with no choice but attempt to literally eat the item in question — with her bandmates cheering her on to swallow. But you don’t mess with Sawa-chan in the end. Sawako then offered to add 10,000 yen to the club’s budget — “supposedly” it would’ve been 500K if they were honest from the beginning. Not all is lost though as Yui got her wish of being slapped with the money — such a blessing.

After a day of crazy antics, Azu-nyan was introduced to a new junior club member, an unusual smiling turtle named Ton-chan who will haunt my dreams later tonight.

Wow! This episode was way more funnier than last week’s. It has a ton of cute scenes with the girls, especially of Yui — my main focus. I know everyone will be talking about Mio’s ponytail, but for me the real highlight was Ritsu’s greediness and attempt at getting rid of the evidence. I’m really starting to like her character more and more lately. Anyway, looking very forward to next week’s episode titled, “Drummer.” And yes, the club pet is there to stay.

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