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第03話 「ドラマー!」

You know the lovely designs of these minor characters from Class 3-2 are just screaming “spin-off.” Claim one before it’s too late…

*From left to right:

  • The girl with the loose socks who sits next to Yui. Always says, “Sensei, sayonara”
  • The girl who always has one eye covered by her hair
  • The girl that stood behind Mio during the opening cermony in episode 1 who appeared like her sister due to the similar design. Wears glasses
  • The girl with the mole under her left eye. Possible friends with girl with glasses.
  • The girl who sits in front of Ricchan
  • The girl who sits diagonally in front of Ricchan. Sits next to last girl mentioned
  • The girl who wears her blazer around her waist. Most notable for being seen carrying an “exchange diary”
  • *Pics of Class 3-2:

    *The Rundown:

    • Things start off with a re-introduction to new junior club member Ton-chan — please be responsible with it Yui
    • Ricchan wants to shine too! Seriously, how can someone who’s as passionate as Ritsu be hidden in the dark like that, with just her forehead showing — btw おでこ is my favorite tag on pixiv
    • So in attempt of standing out more and not being invincible, Ritsu decides to try her hands on other instruments. The first being on a cheating Gitah.
    • Next up was Tsumugi’s keyboard. However all Ritsu could do was make it say Mugi’s name among other things — this would later inspire Mugi to write a song.
    • Mio’s bass was off-limits though since playing bass was seen as her comfort zone — providing support for the band with that low and deep sound without standing out too much is what fits Mio’s personality just right. Although perhaps she shouldn’t have revealed too much
    • Did we mention Sawa-chan was radiating as of late?
    • A photo shoot for Sawako’s homeroom took place
    • Yui had a solution to Ricchan’s loneliness — じゃかじゃかじゃんじゃんじゃかじゃん、じゃかじゃん!
    • Ritsu just needed time to herself to clear her head. She’s reminded of why she began playing drums in the first place — apparently she admires the drummer of The Who; Keith Moon
    • Poor Sawa-chan — insert obvious MJ reference
    • A self-composed Ricchan walks into the club room and is ready to begin practice. But not before Yui says something that makes her seem very mature.
    • Mugi has come up with a new song! A preview of “Honey Sweet Tea Time” was heard. Possible solo vocal performance?

    It’s official. Ritsu is my second favorite character from the series. Keep making episodes revolving around her and she may very well outrank Yui — but I like where she is now. Next week is a field trip to Kyoto. It can only get better from here.

    *Screencaps (100+):

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