A few days ago, Yamaha’s official twitter announced that a new Vocaloid (not VY1) would be revealed at the Sanrio booth held at Comiket 78. According to this tweet by Tomohide Ogata (AHS) and Hatsune MikuMiku blog, it is a collaboration project with AH-Software.

Rio is originally a 「Hello Kitty to Issho!kittyler illustrated by Hatsune Miku character designer KEI. It is believed she may be used as the mascot avatar behind the project. KEI’s RIO will not be official mascot avatar for AHS’ new Vocaloid. Please read update below.

This kittyler is NOT AHS’ new Vocaloid

AH-Software is currently developing her voicebank and more info should be available in September.

Other Vocaloids released from AHS include Miki, Yuki Kaai, and Kiyoteru Hiyama.

[UPDATE 08.15.10] – AHS song demos from Comiket 78. Now available for your listening pleasure:

[UPDATE 08.20.10] – According to a recent interview with an AHS staff member, KEI’s kittlyer Rio will NOT be the official mascot avatar for AHS’ new upcoming Vocaloid. That new Vocaloid will be drawn by another illustrator and will be unveiled sometime in September.

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