P&SwG」 by (凪庵)

Part A: 「Excretion Without Honor and Humanity」
Part B: 「Death Race 2010」

Panty (Lust), Stocking (Gluttony)… 5 more fallen angels to go!

Before we begin, some background:

  • Series Title: Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt
  • Animation Studio: GAINAX
  • Director: Imaishi Hiroyuki (*Gurren Lagann, Dead Leaves)
  • Assistant Director: Otsuka Masahiko (*Gurren Lagann)
  • Character Designer: Nishigori Atsushi (*Gurren Lagann)
  • Coordination: Koyama Shigeto (*Gurren Lagann)
  • Music: Takahashi Taku (*m-flo DJ / producer)
  • Panty CV: Ogasawara Arisa (*Soma Peries)
  • Stocking CV: Ise Mariya (*Urara/Cure Lemonade)
  • # of Episodes: 13
  • Synopsis: “Heaven sends two obscene angels to Earth and tells them to collect Heaven Coins if they want to escape being dropped to Hell. Heaven Coins can be obtained by defeating peculiar Ghosts. The Angels, called Panty and Stocking, fight the Ghosts using hints relayed to them by their black, afro-wielding minister handler Garterbelt and they are aided by their trusty jeep See-Through. However, the Ghosts are tricky and the two must resort to some very unorthodox methods in order to win, including removing articles of clothing that turn into weapons: panties for Panty and stockings for Stocking.”

This is the series that I’ve been most anxious to see since it was announced in May of this year. What honestly struck me first were the character designs. I like how the art style is reminiscent of Craig McCracken’s American cartoon series, The Powerpuff Girls. As you may know already, I’m a huge fan of that show. I even attempted to cover Japan’s take on it in 2006 — I’m still wondering why it hasn’t aired in the US yet while it’s been dubbed and shown in different parts of the world. Anyway, this is the latest project from the studio that has over the years produced some of the most creative and extraordinary anime titles that have made a profound impact on the industry; Gainax. The team handling this new project is the staff of 2007’s mech-adventure series Gurren Lagann. You also have m-flo DJ Takahashi Taku working on the soundtrack. All this talent gathered together would certainly build a lot of hype for any show.

So how did the first episode fare among viewers? From what I’ve read, it was mostly mixed opinion. There is some gutsy material to be found here, but I believe that only adds to its charm. The chaotic setting and insane bodies that inhabit this world are quite appealing to some. For me personally I enjoyed every minute of it. Its fast-paced structure and unique animation style is definitely something you don’t see all too often. It is by far the one show that will stand-out and have people talking in this heavy loaded Fall season. Haters gonna hate? You bet!

*Newtype Scans:

Sweet vector trace~

*Opening Sequence:


It’s a shame this is only 30 seconds long — much like a cartoon series. Still awesome music to be heard here.

Theme for Panty & Stocking」 by Hoshina Anniversary


*Closing Sequence:


Absolutely love this song! And they should mass produce plushies of the girls looking like that. I would buy 2 of each!

Fallen Angel」 by Aimee B


So what is Panty’s head always filled with?

And Stocking’s?

Too bad it doesn’t talk like GIR too

You know it’s happening. You know I’m about to show it. If you haven’t seen the best henshin sequence this side of the planet has ever laid their eyes upon, then please allow me to do so right now!



What’s that, you want more?!

How much of the show’s budget went into this transformation scene you think

The whole poll dance was longer than the opening itself!

Still not satisfied?!



I’ll leave this animated GIF of the entire henshin right here.

Poor Panty, “Backless” was stolen

Nice shot of the duo from the OP

And finally, I’ll share these GIFs of mine that I made for my love of Stocking~

There is no cure for that sweet tooth hunger

The way she walks here is so cute!

Beautifully poised


*Screencaps (200+):

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