Winner: Nodoka

Congrats to our third Semifinalist of the year, Nodoka! She finishes this round with a total of 946 votes — 56 more votes than Shana.

Nodocchi has officially clinched her spot in the tournament semifinals. That is a back-to-back appearance for her. Last year she was defeated by the 2009 Saimoe queen champion Taiga. Although Shana has put up some impressive numbers throughout the contest, she could not overcome the strength and power of this current faction. Also this puts Nodoka’s “Kugimiya” all-time record to 4-1 — she had wins against Louise, Nagi, Yuuki and now Shana. Supporters of Nodocchi will now await the results of today’s Quarterfinals match between Yamada and Azusa.

Shifting gears over to the last match of the Quarterfinals, I’ll be giving all my love and support to Azusa. Also I’ve already learned my lesson the hard way of saying anything is a guaranteed win in Saimoe. So I will not do that this time around. As I know now, Yamada is one frightening opponent — seeing as how she devastated Tenshi fans in the Block E finals. So let’s see if Azu-nyan can actually defeat her tomorrow. Go Azusa!


Quarterfinals III – Results:

  • 1位 946票 Nodoka Haramura @ 「Saki」
  • 2位 890票 Shana @ 「Shakugan no Shana S」


Next Round | Quarterfinals IV:

*my pick: Azu-nyan
*my prediction: Azu-nyan



  • 10/08~10/11 – Quarterfinals
  • 10/12 – Break
  • 10/13~10/14 – Semifinals
  • 10/15 – Break
  • 10/16 – Finals


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