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It was recently discovered that techno/electronica artist AVTechNO has removed all his Vocaloid works off the video sharing website, NicoNico Douga — with the exception of collaborations and remixes. According to this blog post, he apologizes to all his supporters for the sudden deletion. He also wanted to share a story concerning the Japanese-pop group KAT-TUN and their song, 「NEVER × OVER ~「-」IS YOUR PART~」.

AVTechNO came across some comments posted on the NicoNico Douga upload of his Megurine Luka song 「DYE」. The comments stated that the song sounded similar to a recent KAT-TUN song, entitled 「NEVER × OVER ~「-」IS YOUR PART~」. AVTechNO was shocked to hear how similar it sounded to his.

Here is what we do know. The Megurine Luka song, 「DYE」, — written, composed, and arranged by AVTechNO — was first uploaded on Nico on February 2nd, 2010. He states on the blog post that the song was written in January the same year.

The KAT-TUN song — 「NEVER × OVER ~「-」IS YOUR PART~」, which can be found on their latest single, 「CHANGE UR WORLD」 — was released on November 17th, 2010. Hans Johnson is credited as both composer and arranger.

*Full credits for NEVER × OVER:

  • Lyrics: Koki Tanaka / Minori
  • Composition: Hans Johnson / t-oga / NAO / ATSUSHI / Tatsuya Ueda / King of Slick / Magnus Funemyr
  • Arrangement: Hans Johnson

Both songs can be heard below for comparison. Please give a listen.

*Megurine Luka – 「DYE」


AVTechNO’s official YouTube channel still remains active. However his Twitter account has been deleted.

[UPDATE 11.29.2010] – A Nico user has uploaded a comparison video where the first minute of each song is played simultaneously. With headphones on, the left speaker plays NEVER x OVER, while the right plays DYE.

[UPDATE2 11.29.2010] – According to this latest tweet from producer Treow, his decision to delete his videos is unrelated to the “KAT-TUN” case. It was an act of impulse from stress and that he will be back on Nico. He plans to further apologize on his blog later.

[UPDATE3 11.30.2010] – KAT-TUN’s “Change Ur World / NEVER x OVER” single is #1 on Oricon’s Weekly Ranking. Also note, 「DYE」 was featured on the Vocalogenesis album, which reached #1 on Oricon in May of this year.

[UPDATE4 11.30.2010] – 「DYE」 has shot to #1 on Amazon.jp’s MP3 Best Seller Pop list.

[UPDATE5 01.19.2010] – According to AVTechNO latest blog entry, the producers of the 「NEVER × OVER ~「-」IS YOUR PART~」 song have admitted to plagiarism. The matter has now been settled.

In addition, AVTechNO has a new Twitter account.

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