とーもーだーち たーくーさーん」 by (TK28)

Today’s roundup includes news on Katte ni Kaizou, Maken-Ki!, and Ao no Excorcist.


  • Kumeta Kouji’s manga Katte ni Kaizou has been revealed to be a 3-part OVA. Part one will be released on April 27th; part two in June; and the third in August. Each part will include 2 episodes — making this a 6-episode OVA series. Animation production by SHAFT.

  • Sunrise has announced that the TV series for Keroro Gunso is coming to an end… for now. The series finale will air on March 26th (10:00~10:30 JST). An encore will broadcast on March 27th (26:05~27:05 JST)

  • According to the official website, the 2nd DVD volume of Kimi ni Todoke will include an original animation short. It ships April 6th.

  • Maken-Ki! anime will be produced by AIC.

  • A Channel anime will broadcast on MBS, TBS, CBC in April.

  • Newtype scan for upcoming Idolmaster anime. It’s sure to please fans of the original game.

  • Possible BD-BOX cover art for Lucky☆Star.

  • Screenshots (found here) for High School of the Dead OAD. Out 04/26.

  • Ao no Excorcist has been revealed to be a 2-cour series.

  • Blu-ray Disc Box for Kara no Kyoukai – the Garden of sinners sold 25,000 sets to rank #2 on Oricon’s BD sales charts. It carries a retail price of 52,500 Yen (around $640 USD).

  • Visual chart so far for Summer anime season.



  • Official PV release for Ikoku Meiro no Croisée now available above. Also found on official website.



  • It was stated on NHK’s “Today’s Close-up” news program that 88% of One Piece readers are adults.

  • According to Oricon, the 61st volume of the One Piece manga series has sold over 2 million in just three days. It is the fastest selling book on the chart’s history.

  • Latest volume covers for Index II and Railgun manga.





  • Opening for The Mahjong of Suzumiya Haruhi-chan PSP game now available above. It can also be seen on the official website. Game is out 03/31.

  • Sony marketing character Kevin Butler made the mistake of retweeting a post (made by exiva) on his own Twitter account which contained the PS3 Master key. It was deleted soon after. Butler has over 70,000 followers.



  • Jill Valentine (Marvel vs Capcom 3 DLC character) theme available above. Shuma Gorath’s theme can be found here. The game scored a 8/8/8/9 (33 points) from Famitsu.



  • A promotional/tutorial video for 5pb’s Xbox360 game Bullet Soul now available. Encourages players to play more head-on (left side) rather than too defensive (right side). Game is out 04/07.



  • The Japanese convenience store Lawson is running a special promotional campaign for K-ON!. Customers will be able to receive a K-ON! mobile phone strap with the purchase of Juroku-cha tea.
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