The rumor posted last week of a possible new 「Hunter x Hunter」 TV anime series has been confirmed for this Fall season. The announcement comes from a promotional campaign seen at some bookstores in Japan. Additional details are expected to be released in Weekly Shounen Jump magazine.

The 「Hunter x Hunter」 manga series by Togashi Yoshihiro (Yu Yu Hakusho, Level E) currently has 28 volumes to date – with the first volume debuting on June 4th, 1998. It began serialization in 1998’s fourteenth issue of Weekly Shounen Jump.

The first TV anime series aired from October 16th, 1999 to March 31st, 2001 on Fuji TV. It consisted of a total of 62 episodes. Additional OVAs were released soon after.

*TV Anime OP (1999):

[UPDATE 08.01.2011] – The upcoming 「Hunter x Hunter」 TV anime series will be produced by Madhouse Studios — with new staff and voice cast. It has also been confirmed that the new project will retell the story from the beginning. Everything is set to begin October 2nd on Nihon TV’s new programming anime block — 10:55 am on Sundays.


  • Director: Kohjina Hiroshi
  • Series Composition: Maekawa Atsushi
  • Character Designer: Yoshimatsu Takahiro
  • Program Producer: Nakatani Toshio


  • Gon Freeces – Han Megumi
  • Killua Zaoldyeck – Ise Mariya
  • Leorio – Fujiwara Keiji
  • Kurapica – Sawashiro Miyuki
  • Hisoka – Namikawa Daisuke