Winner: Erica Hartmann.

Here you have two quarter-finalists who have beaten the odds and were fortunate enough to face each other — seeing as how all the other matches is against a Puella Magi. Lotte comes in having already tested the waters against difficult opposition from the likes of Mikoto and such. (She also has the KugiRie supporters on her side.) Erica on the other had started her cinderella story with wins over Suzuha and Kanade. Will her journey end here?

The results are in. Our winner today is Erica! Congrats to her for being our first Semi-finalist of the year! She finishes this round with a total of 383 votes — 128 more votes than Lotte. (Don’t know what’s more surprising. This big upset we just witnessed, or the incredibly low voter turnout for a QF match.)

Well now. QFII seems to have two seriously top contenders that have crushed their previous competition with ease. The Madoka faction has seen 16 straight victories so far. Is it now time for someone to go down for the count? (Hope not in this match. Kyouko is my favorite from the series!) Its up to Kuroneko and her campaign to push forward and do what many feel has been a relentless struggle since the tournament first got started. Good luck to each of them.


Quarterfinals I – Results:

  • 1位 383票 Erica Hartmann @ Strike Witches 2
  • 2位 255票 Astarotte Ygvar @ Astarotte no Omocha!


Next Round | Quarterfinals II:

*my pick: Kyouko
*my prediction: Kuroneko



  • 10/28~10/31 – Quarter-Finals
  • 11/01 – Break
  • 11/02~11/03 – Semi-Finals
  • 11/04 – Break
  • 11/05 – Grand Finals


Saimoe “Best 8” Bracket: (courtesy of Aya Reiko)

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