Apologies for the lack of updates these last two weeks. Its been quite a hectic schedule for me personally, but I’m ready to kick things back into full gear once again. So let’s start with a quick rundown of some recent anime headlines.

  • A mobile phone social network game known as 「Ai Mi! Moe Can Change!」 will be receiving an OVA next year. In the game, players choose an android to raise as a girl by changing her outfits, hairstyles, assigning different works, etc.
  • Toei has announced that the next 「One Piece」 film will be set in The New World arc.

  • An anime of Ohta Akiyoshi’s ecchi seinen manga series, 「Asa Made Jugyou Chu!」, has been green-lit for production. A synopsis can be read below.

    Kagami Yuuki has managed to become a scholarship student in a high-class high school. Unfortunately, thanks to his gender-ambiguous name, the teacher Kakinozaki Ayana has registered him as a girl! It’s apparently an uncorrectable mistake, so now Yuuki must live in the girl’s dormitory of his new (co-ed) high school.

  • The spin-off Dragonball manga from Ooishi Naho, entitled Episode of Bardock, will be animated. It is reported that a screening will be shown at Jump Festa 2012 in December.
  • Both the 2nd and 3rd 「Berserk」 films, entitled Golden Age Arc II: Capture of Doldrey and Golden Age Arc III: The Descent respectively, will premiere in 2012. Film I comes out February 4th, 2012 (80 min duration time). Film II is out June 2012 (100 min). Film III arrives in theatres later in the new year as well (110 min).
  • A TV anime adaptation of saxyun’s slice-of-life manga series, 「Yurumates」, has been confirmed. Two flash anime OVAs, entitled Yurumates and Yurumates wa?, were previously released.

  • A new short anime series from Asread and StudioRF, entitled 「Busou Chuugakusei: Basket Army」, was recently announced. It will be streamed on the official website starting December 22nd. A synopsis can be read below.

    The story is set in August of 2026 at the Fuji Training Facility. Natori Touko, a third-year middle school student in the Eastern Private Defense Academy, is entrenched in field training with instructor Kamiya. It has been a harsh training regiment, but it is finally the last day. Kamiya proposes a extracurricular class under the name Newest Weapons Research. But then, an incident occurs that rocks all of Japan.

  • Sprite’s 2010 adult PC visual novel, 「Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate」, will be receiving a TV anime adaptation. A synopsis can be read below.

    Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate follows the protagonist Yuuki Oojima, who attends Private Takafuji Academy, a large school with over 6,000 students. Yuuki is a member of the food research club, along with seven others, including his childhood friend Chisato Sumiyoshi. The members leisurely spend their time in the club not doing much activities. When the election of the next student council president comes up, the front runner Satsuki Shinonome proposes that clubs that have no merit should be sorted out and abolished. The food research club seeks advice from the current student council president Yakumo Mori, who suggests Yuuki run in the election as an opposing candidate. Yuuki learns about the issues facing the school and decides to run in the election.

  • The classic plastic model series Atlanger will be receiving an OVA adaptation. It will be produced by AIC. The model series was first released in 1975.

  • An anime adaptation of Igarashi Ran’s 4-panel comedy manga series, 「Hozuki-san Chi no Aneki」, has been green-lit for production. A synopsis can be read below.

    Hozuki Gorou is your average high school student in all respects, except for having a crush on his sadistic older step sister, Haru. Haru delights in toying with her step brother: flirting, deceiving, and humiliating him at every given opportunity. Serialized in Young Ace, Igarashi Ran’s 4-koma crack comedy follows the relationship between the two step siblings and the troubles of their daily life.

  • Kyoto Animation has announced that their next TV anime project, entitled Hyou-ka: You can’t escape, will be based off Yonezawa Honobu’s original mystery light novel series — first published in 2001. A synopsis can be read below.

    Oriki Hotaro is a high school boy, who always acts passively. One day, he enters “Koten Bu (Classic Literature Club)” as recommended by his elder sister. There he meets Chitanda Eru, Fukube Satoshi, and Ibara Mayaka. Chitanda is a calm beautiful girl but she turns into an embodiment of curiosity once she says, “I’m interested in it (Watashi, Kininarimasu)”. Fubube is a smiling boy who excels in memory, but he never constructs his own deduction. Ibara is a short girl and is strict with others and herself. She loves Fubube, but he always dodges her approach. They begin to investigate a case that occurred 33 years ago. Hints of the mystery is buried in an old collection of works of the former members of Koten Club. The collection is titled “Hyouka”.

  • According to Hobby Japan Bunko, Uesu Tetsuto’s light novel series, Hagure Yuusha no Estetica, will be receiving a TV anime adaptation. A synopsis can be read below.

    In normal RPGs, a hero defeats the Satan king and the story ends. But what does the hero do after that? Ohtorizawa Akatsuki defeats the Satan king in the fantasy world of Alleyzard and returns to the real world. He is sheltered by the international organization BABEL, which protects and controls people transferred from the outer worlds. BABEL is astonished to know Akatsuki has really defeated Satan and brings Satan’s daughter Miu from Alleyzard. In the academy of BABEL, Akatsuki confronts other “returners”, who have psychic powers.



  • And finally for those interested in what new anime titles are coming up next season, our Winter 2011-12 visual guide and listing post has been recently updated.
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