This is an important reminder regarding the two Hatsune Miku live events happening in Tokyo Dome City Hall on both March 8th and 9th.

Last year, Sega had formally announced it will co-sponsor a 2-day Vocaloid concert event, known as 「Miku no Hi Dai-Kanshasai」, with MAGES (5pb) in 2012. The idea was to run two exceptional live shows back-to-back; making for one unforgettable week!


*Guest Producers:

  • March 8th: アゴアニキ (Agoaniki-P), OSTER project, とくP (Toku-P), buzzG, ラマーズP (Lamaze-P)
  • March 9th: OSTER project, samfree, DECO*27, とくP (Toku-P), North-T, ぼーかりおどP(noa), ラマーズP (Lamaze-P)

The good news here is that both concerts will be available via a premium stream hosted on the English version of NicoNico.

On March 8th and 9th, live Miku concerts will be broadcasted on, live from Japan! The two concerts are; “Hatsune Miku Live Party 2012 (MIKUPA♪)” (Thursday, March 8th) and the “HATSUNE MIKU Concert Final 39’s Giving Day” (Friday, March 9th)!

Don’t miss out on the live performances by the worldwide sensation, Hatsune Miku With bundled online tickets, you will be able to easily watch both of the Miku concerts.

【Ticket Information】

For information on ticket purchase

【Show Description】

■Start: March 8th (Thu) 2012 2:00 (PST) / 19:00(JST)
Miku Day Celebration “Hatsune Miku Live Party 2012 (MIKUPA♪)” WEB LIVE

■Start: March 9th (Fri) 2012 2:00 (PST) / 19:00(JST)
Miku Day Celebration “HATSUNE MIKU Concert Final 39’s Giving Day!” WEB LIVE

Ticket: $25 Each ($40 for bundle tickets)

Sales Dates: Febuary 10th (Fri) 2012 12:00- (JST)

※Ticket sales will end March 15th (Thu) (The show can be viewed until the 16th)
※Archives will be available for a week after the official live broadcast.
※To watch the live broadcast, the user will require a niconico account.
※Viewers will also be required to purchase a ticket in order to view the broadcast

For a list of merchandise, please check this link here. (Seeing all the Kaito and Meiko related gear, it’s safe to assume the two will finally make their live concert debut!)



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