For what will favorably be the takeoff to more future figure reviews on the blog, lets take a look at this 1/6 Echidna resin kit from the visual combat book series, 「Queen’s Blade」 — pre-painted by E2046.

*Warning: The following contains images that may be regarded as NSFW. Proceed at your own risk.

If you’ve played the game or watch the anime series, you would know that this veteran mercenary elf was once a leader of the Assassins of Fang but currently travels alone as a soldier for hire. This enforcer with a sadistic nature was also once a mentor of Irma — another former ex-leader. Echidna in general holds men in great disdain, and appears to be more attracted to women — especially middle daughter of the Vance family Leina.

Last year, E2046’s Gathering figure lineup offered fans a chance to own an Echidna pre-painted resin kit which was originally sculpted by Shiragami Takayuki. For those who are not familiar with the Gathering label:

Anime fans with no modelling experience or time for building can do nothing but jealous if their favourite characters’ figures are only available as unpainted Garage Kits. Observing this, E2046 invented the brand of Gathering in 2006. This can allow more people to have a chance to get into the world of GK. This also offered an extra choice to the market with competitive price!

Gathering kits are made from high-quality resin. To maximize quality, all paint jobs were 100% done by hand and inspected thoroughly by professionals. Covers of all packing are exclusively designed. Not to mention all the works are limited offered. More than 5100 Feedbacks on Gathering were received until now, which proved that our works do meet members’ expectation. Nonetheless we will keep doing our best and providing you with even better services.

No stranger to Gathering products here as I have in the past purchased from them. For those who are curious, it was the Bunnygirl Suzumiya Haruhi resin kit which I posted pictures in the old gallery a few years back.

*Packaging: 7/10

This is typically how Gathering packages from E2046 will appear when you receive it by mail. It’s basically a black box with a final product image of the kit displayed on the front and “gathering” label on the sides. The words “Gathering Surprise” that you observe on the photo is essentially an add-on to provide better enjoyment of your item. It can vary from alternate display bases, outfits, weapons, or other such accessories. In this case, we have a wooden base that effectively adds on to seductive appeal of the figure.

This is the base wrapped in plastic and secured inside foam cushion.

This is what kinda caught me by surprise. Echidna required some assembly as her limbs and armor were detached from the torso. This was not the case with the Haruhi Gathering kit I bought sometime ago. Putting these together was not no easy task either, especially when positioning her pet snake Kelta around her waist. You run the risk of creating black markings on her skin when putting on the plastic accessories onto her body. So take extra care and patience when attaching all her parts back in this delicate procedure.

*Sculpting: 9/10

Sculpting credits go once again to Shiragami Takayuki, who’s worked on a number of other femme fatales including Morrigan Aensland and Mai Shiranui. This latest work scales at around 1/6th (~8.19 in).

With this polystone figure you are given two options for posing. Fully armored with open breast plate on or off — which is amusingly held on by magnets. If you desire to see such a display without said item, you can do so here (NSFW).

As far as accessories are concerned, Echidna is seen carrying various weaponry used for both offense and defense. Here we see her trademark shield that is held on her left leg.

She does have with her several holsters for equipping combat knives. Her armor in general reveals a snake motif. As for wardrobe, she wears white shin-guards with black thigh-highs underneath. Also you can examine her pet snake Kelta-kun which she uses as a thong instead of normal underwear.

This is the sword she carries around — again stressing the recurring snake theme going on.

Here’s a close-up of her white boots with large horn and wing design on the front.

*Painting: 8/10

E2046 usually does an admirable job of coloring their Gathering line. This figure is for the most part satisfying but I would’ve preferred a lighter shade for the skin tone. The paint job on the face, especially around the eyes, sure does pull off that alluring charm that Echidna seems to exhibit.

Again lighter shading would’ve vastly improved the overall aesthetics but the professional coloring still leaves one captivated by her voluptuousness.

Backside of the kit.

Another shot of the back. What a helpful pet.

*Base: 9/10

E2046 employs a wooden base that is taken as the “Gathering surprise” add-on to further spark your interest. It supports the theme of the character and actually does a fine job of doing so.

*Overall: 8/10

Both Shiragami Takayuki and E2046 did a fantastic job on this Echidna resin kit. As a fan of the 「Queen’s Blade」 series and an avid figure collector, I can easily say that I’m more than content with the finished product. With a professionally painted sculpture — not to mention incredibly sexy pose, this elf warrior enchantress will always have a nice place in my collection.

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