現実逃避」 by (ろくの人)

I thought I’d take this moment to go ahead and share with everyone the very environment that I’m exposed to each and every day; as well as a look at how my own personal collection has been turning out as of late.

Before I begin I would like to apologize in advance for the quality of most of these shots. I’m still using the same camera I had for 7 years. And apparently it is time for me to purchase a new one since my old camera decided to die during the middle of this photoshoot. So can anyone recommend a decent one for a reasonable price? I’m looking for something that would do a satisfying job for figure shots in particular.

Here is my television which I also like to use as my computer monitor. On the screen you can see that I’m just finishing an episode of Queen’s Blade Rebellion and working on Photoshop — that’s my lousy attempt on the mage from DFO if you’re curious. My wallpaper is a charming art display of all the past leaders of Precure. Now if you’re a long time visitor of the blog, it should come to no surprise that I’m a huge fan of the series. But if you’re relatively new then perhaps the author is still seen as a bit of a mystery. Well I’ll make it short and clear. Yes I love mahou shoujo. Very proud of it too!

These are Panty & Stocking towels that I luckily found and bought at last year’s Anime Expo convention. The designs were so wonderfully done that I just had to hang them up on my wall. Been hearing rumors that it may even be televised here in the US soon. If so expect a surge of P&S cosplayers at next year’s AX.

On the left is a Vocaloid poster you receive as a preorder bonus for the first 39’s Giving Day blu-ray. On the right is an old Sailor Moon S poster of Mars — my favorite of all the senshi.

This one is a Sailor Moon SuperS promo poster for the movie Black Dream Hole. I like how they’re all posed together on here.

I think I should point out now that I’m an avid collector of classic game and anime posters. Of course it would be impossible to display everything I own on my wall since there wouldn’t be enough room. But I do store away what I own in a safe place. Maybe I’ll share those some other day. But anyway what you see above are promo posters for both Pretty Sammy and Idolmaster.

Ah this one. This is something I had to win at an auction at the Aksys Games booth at AX last year. So worth it! First off I love Arcana Heart. I mean love with a passion. So this banner is something I’ll be treasuring for years to come. Even features my favorite character from 3 — Scharlachrot.

This is my Idolmaster calendar I’m currently using. Iori doesn’t show up until September so I’m really anxious for Fall to arrive.

More Pretty Sammy for you. Been a long time Tenchi Muyo fan. So when AIC decided to produce a mahou shoujo spin-off staring everyone’s favorite sweetheart Sasami, I was more than ecstatic.

Yes I really, really love the Pretty Sammy series haha!

Now for the artbooks/guidebooks. This isn’t my full collection. Most of what I own has to be packed away because there simply just isn’t enough room. However I will share what I consider the best of what I own. (Oh look more Sammy!). Also I forgot I left out a volume of the Watamote manga sitting there in my pile. Really love the manga. Hope they produce an anime of it soon.

This is some of my import collection. Decided to show off some PS2 games, like SRWOG and Namco X Capcom, because those are games I still play today.

Shame I never got to share this on the blog when I first received it a year and a half ago. This is the limited edition Arcana Heart 3 boxset with collectible pins and artbook. I believe the European LE came with a booby mouse pad or something haha.

This is the limited edition La Pucelle Ragnarok boxset — a PSP port of the original PS2 game. A handful of new content was added including some DLC. This is one of my all-time favorites from NIS. I did hear that NISA had no plans to ever localized it though. Sad. Even so please don’t miss out on this title if you haven’t played it yet.

Above is the limited edition One Piece Kaizoku Musou boxset for PS3. This one comes with some nice goodies including pins, soundtrack and artbook. I know for sure this one is going to be released outside Japan. However I hear the US version will be digital only? That’s really disappointing. It’s One Piece for crying out loud. It deserves better than that.

Oh its the limited edition Idolmaster 2 boxset for PS3. The moment I heard that iM@s was coming to the Playstation I was thrilled beyond words. I was even more blown away when I first opened this box. Holy crap did Namco go all out. Certainly worth that hefty $200+ price tag. You know I went crazy over the Iorin postcards~. Oh and each boxset came with a film strip that would show a certain scene from the anime. Mine was of a scene where Iori and Yayoi were sitting on a couch in the studio.

Moving on to some figures now. Before I begin, I would like to tell everyone that if you have an account at MyFigureCollection.net, please add me. According to my profile, I currently own over 340 figures. Got plenty more coming this year too. Anyway, what you see above is my One Piece P.O.P. (Portrait of Pirates) collection. This is one figure line that I don’t mess around with, seeing as how extremely valuable most of these are. The danger of purchasing a counterfeit is always there so I take every precaution to buy legit 100% authentic P.O.P. figures. Of what I own my favorites are Hancock (of course), Perona, and God Enel.

Looks like I forgot to include these P.O.P. figures in my last pile. Gotta love that Nami.

This is my collection of Touhou figures from Griffon. I tend to go all out with Touhou merchandise, so it’s no surprise how this batch has been growing as of late. Hope they make some of characters from TH13 soon.

Some bad news. My camera decided to die at this point. So what I had to turn to was the camera on my phone. It is absolutely terrible. But I wanted to share a few more shots of my figures before I end this post. Above you’ll find some Madoka from Goodsmile and Heartcatch from Megahouse.

Hey its that Miku Hatsune “Love is War” figure everyone was going crazy for last year. But poor PK forgot to preorder the DX version from Goodsmile’s website =P It’s alright. Still quite satisfied with what I got.

If you take a look on the top left you can find some Azone PureNeemo dolls of Madoka, Remilia, Reimu, and Marisa. They’re all very cute and highly recommended! Hopefully I’ll be able to collect more in the future.

Do not resist the moe.

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