The two have fought well, but in the end only one can claim true victory…


Championship Match – Results:

  • 1位 311票 Onjouji Toki @ Saki: Achiga-hen – Episode of Side-A
  • 2位 291票 Matsumi Kuro @ Saki: Achiga-hen – Episode of Side-A

Congratulations Toki! Winner of Anime Saimoe Tournament 2012!

To think we would see the two most popular players from the same series meet once again. Not at the mahjong table, but at the center stage of Saimoe. Today really belongs to fans of not only Toki, but the entire Saki camp in general. They have every reason to celebrate their championship win.

What I’ll remember most about this year’s event was Akarin’s elimination in the Block B finals against Toki. It was at that exact moment where I realized just how dominant the Saki faction would be going into the QFs — last year we saw something similar with Madoka. Its always more fun when you have a variety of players representing different teams in a competition such as this I think. However it was amazing to see both Louise and Shana be included in that elite group — seeing as how it may have been their final campaign run.

Another match I still remember clearly was the Group C finals between Yayoi and Hisa. Do you know how ecstatic I would have been to see one of my earlier top 5 picks make to the Best 8? Not to mention how she would be representing Precure?! That would’ve been mind-blowing for me. Still I’m glad to see how far Yayoi made it. Gives me hope for future Cures.

Speaking of my top 5, the group didn’t do so bad. There’s of course Cure Peace, — who a friend and I simply refer to as “V.” Idolmaster’s Iorin and Haganai’s Kobato (last year’s prediction) both made it to Round 3. Unfortunately Ika and K-ON’s Yui were only capable of surviving till R2.

There’s no telling how things will play in Saimoe ’13, but all I wish is for the next year to have more diversity among the camps that make up our annual tournament. Anyway, hope to see you all again then. In the meantime, please continue to enjoy the current Fall anime season~


Saimoe 2012 MAD Promo:

Rikka Takanashi for Saimoe 2013!


Saimoe ’12 Bracket:

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