At the end of this week’s Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai episode, Kyoto Animation revealed its next TV anime project, entitled 「Tamako Market」 — an original work. It is slated to premiere in January 9th, 2013.


At a certain shopping district in a town, you’ll find a rice cake shop owner’s daughter, Tamako, a loveable first year student in high school pressing rice cakes. Tamako spends her time enjoying the badminton club with her friends Midori and Kanna at school and developing new rice cakes as well as helping the shop at home.

On the other side of the street is a rival rice cake shop owner and his son, Mochikura. Their fathers tend to fight like dogs and monkeys, but Mochikura and Tamako have been childhood friends. Mochikura has secretly given his heart to Tamako, but she hasn’t recognized what he’s doing. With both Mochikura and Midori in love with Tamako, there’s often battles unfolding around her.

Tamako loves the other shopkeepers like they were her own family. She surrounds herself with a lot of people. Everyday is busy for the district, but the busiest time of the year is the end of the year. Oddly though, Tamako’s birthday is New Years’s Eve. Every year, the entire shopping district holds an event to congratulate her. The timing is awful for Mochikura, who wanted to give her a present up until now.

Mochikura is suddenly in high spirits. “This year I’ll definitely do it!”
-At the same time that dazzling bird (cockatoo) suddenly appears in the shopping district. The shopping district is getting busier and busier for Tamako and pals. A different year than normal is about to begin.


*Staff Credits:

  • Director: Yamada Naoko
  • Series Composition: Yoshida Reiko
  • Character Designer: Horiguchi Yukiko
  • Animation Production: Kyoto Animation


  • Suzaki Aya as Kitashirakawa Tamako
  • Kaneko Yuuki as Tokiwa Midori
  • Nagatsuma Juri as Makino Kanna

Tokiwa Midori

Makino Kanna


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