According to the official website, an animated film adaptation of Platinum Games’ third-person action video game, 「Bayonetta」, has been announced. It is entitled, 「Bayonetta: Bloody Fate」. The project will be developed by studio Gonzo; with Kizaki Fuminori serving as director. A trailer can be seen after the cut.

Beginning November 23rd, the movie will be screened in 10 theaters throughout Japan for two weeks.


In the present day, an informant named Enzo has joined up with Bayonetta, a witch who was revived twenty years ago from the bottom of a lake and has no memories of her past. Owning one half of the “Eyes of the World”, Bayonetta leaves for Vigrid when Enzo informs her of rumors the other half is there.

After a confrontation with another Umbra Witch named Jeanne, as well as a young man named Luka; the former seemingly has ties to Bayonetta’s past, while the latter blames Bayonetta for his father’s death.



  • Director: Kizaki Fuminori
  • Screenplay: Hirota Mitsutaka
  • Character Designer: Yokoyama Ai, Iijima Hiroya, Akai Katanao, Takashi Watabe
  • Animation Production: GONZO


  • Bayonetta – (CV: Tanaka Atsuko)
  • Jeanne – (CV: Sonozaki Mie)
  • Luka – (CV: Namikawa Daisuke)
  • Cereza – (CV: Sawashiro Miyuki)
  • Rodin – (CV: Genda Tesshou)
  • Enzo – (CV: Takagi Wataru)
  • Balder – (CV: Wakamoto Norio)