Hello everyone. I’m here to apologize for not only delaying the Fall anime schedule post, but for the lack of updates on Moetron in general. The reason why I haven’t been publishing as many news posts as I used to is because my current host provider has warned me numerous times about high CPU usage on their shared server. The site has been close to suspension a few times and I’m doing everything I can to prevent that. However, I’m at a point where I’m running out of ideas. So with that said, I’m open to any suggestions our visitors might have.

Even with the server issues plaguing this website, I am still providing news headlines on not only my own personal Twitter account “pkjd,” but on my Tumblr account “pkjd-moetron” as well — which began earlier this year. So while Moetron remains in this critical state, please do visit the two accounts I mentioned. Also please feel free to ask me any questions or concerns you might have upon your visit.

For now I will leave these Fall visual guides courtesy of Neregate and Stargazed Charts on this post, while I continue to search for a better solution for Moetron. Thank you all for understanding.

-Visual Chart(s)-

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*neregate’s Visual Guide (v.3.0)

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*zektr’s Visual Guide (v.4.5)

*Fall 2015 Anime PV Collection:

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