In case you don’t know what the show’s about (courtesty of ANN):

“Photographer Kouhei Morioka, while on assignment for a magazine devoted to the occult, enters a dark castle in Germany where he encounters a young vampire girl named Hazuki who tries to turn him into her servant. While Kohei doesn’t succumb to Hazuki’s will, he does set her free from the barrier keeping her in the castle. He is surprised to find her living with him in Japan.”

Memorable Scenes from Ep.14:

– Hazuki confronts and begins to merge with her alter ego “Luna.” Elfreide later explains that Luna is just a “false personality” that the master had given her while imprisoned in that castle.

– Elfreide makes it known to everyone that Hazuki has officially became the “Perfect Day Walker.” She also explains how vampires can obtain each other’s abilites by sucking the other’s blood.

– The memorable bridge scene between Kouhei and Hazuki/Luna: “I hate you!”

– No neko mimi
Final Grade: B

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