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Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z – 01

Episode 1: “Arrival Of The Girls!” + “Birth Of The Girls!”

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  • 0verflow’s SummerDays

    [The following entry contains "mature" content. It is not intended for readers under the age of 18. Proceed only if you are of age and feel capable of handling such adult material.]

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  • Disgaea 3? – All signs point to “yes!”

    Thanks to ikimashou.net, I was able to find this RPG Land interview with NIS producer Souhei Niikawa concerning Disgaea 2 and the future of the series:

    RPGLand.com: “Let’s pretend for a minute that Disgaea 2 shows up in the US and sells awesome. Gimme the odds of a Disgaea 3, just from that. Would you specifically make a third game, or let it end at 2 and go the way of creating other original titles? Take a guess if you’re not sure.”

    Souhei Niikawa: “Well sales number always helps for sequels, but we have no intent on ending this series just yet, so you can count on part 3.”

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  • Perfume – Electro World PV

    The most anticipated Perfume video yet has finally made its grand debut. This also marks a first for many to hear the new single in its entirety. My final verdict? An absolute soundblast from start to finish. And the video just adds more to the overall energy these girls can bring. No matter how many times I hear the song, I can never grow tired of it. Personally I would rank it as high as their other quality tracks, such as “Vitamin Drop” and “Linear Motor Girl”, (however nothing will ever beat the fast-paced technopop blend of “Sweet Donuts”.) So what could all this lead up to for the group? Major mainstream exposure! And who better to deserve it.

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  • Makai Senki Disgaea TV – Final Episode

    And so the animated series finally comes to an end. Throughout the twelve weeks…

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  • 1/6 Ryogi Shiki – Good Smile Company

    Yes! A 1/6 scale PVC model of Ryogi Shiki from Good Smile! For those who are not familiar with her, she’s from Kara no Kyokai, a 1000 page novel by Type-Moon. I’ve waited so long for a large scale model of Shiki, and now it’s here. [Backside]

    Speaking of Kara no Kyokai, they really should turn it into a visual novel, since it has all the elements to become one. I guess there wouldn’t be much choice but to have Kokutoh Mikiya as the main hero in the story.

    Expected Release Date: 09/10/06
    Price: 5500 Yen

    Additional Source: [1]

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  • Ultra Blue – Pic Not Related

    For those who’ve been wondering when the next music rotation would be coming in, well it’s finally here. After having been on break for the past few weeks, one of the site’s most oldest (but popular) features has been updated for your listening pleasure…

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  • Makai Senki Disgaea TV – 11

    “Red moon, red moon…
    Cleanses the sinful and makes them anew…
    Shining brightly in the night sky,
    waiting for the souls…
    Who will be born again tonight?
    Who will be born again tonight?
    Be born again tonight?”

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  • Perfume – Electro World + Wonder2

    Earlier this week on Perfume’s radio program “Magical City“, their new single “Electro World” had it’s world broadcast premiere, along with another track called “Wonder2″. Both songs can now be previewed by clicking on the links below. *Credit goes to ekuseru.

    Reminder, their debut album tentatively titled “Perfume” is set to be released: 08/02. Eleven tracks plus a bonus DVD with videos to “Linear Motor Girl”, “Computer City”, and “Electro World”. Also, since were on the subject, plans to upload my entire Perfume PV collection are well underway. So keep an eye out for that.

    Additional Source: [1]

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  • momo-i quality ~best of momo-i~ album

    Thanks to both Heisei Democracy and Paranda.net, I was able to find out some details about Momoi Halko’s new “best of” album… including her upcoming mini-live performance in Toranoana, (10/01).

    [Momo-i quality ~best of momo-i~] release date: August 9th.

    Additional Sources: [1], [2]

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